Monday, November 2, 2009

Sahai Collection

The Sahai family was very patient in waiting for their photos from their session in the summer, and more recently for their Collection. Being both a wedding and portrait photographer, as soon as the wedding high season is coming to an end, I am already fully submerged (and drowning) in the portraits high season. And of course both types of clients would love to have their images in time for the holidays, not to mention all the clients I have yet to shoot still this year. So thank you to the Sahai family for your patience, for the creations of the Collections seems to fall by the wayside during this busy time and as much as I adore doing them, I feel I need to get current clients their original images, not to mention that I really need a big chunk of time to dedicate to the manipulations and time is something I seem to be extremely short of at this time of year.

So thank you all for waiting so patiently and I hope you enjoy!

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