Monday, March 30, 2009

Horan Family

The Horans parked their car in a different place than I usually park at my fave beach on Saturday, and this started the entire shoot off on the opposite foot from usual, which inspired me to try think as differently as I could for the entire session, even though I was in a very familiar location.

Poor little angel had a burr caught in her sweater and those things hurt!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kreuzer Family

I met Sarah and Scott when I photographed their wedding on the most crazy stormy day. And here I am shooting the next stage in their story - introducing Baby Maya. She was full of glee, as was I given the weather for our shoot was a distinct improvement from that which we had for the un-reschedule-able (is that a word?) wedding. Maya also thought I was just the bees knees with my silly games which is always endearing!

Maya was hilarious with her tongue and this drool shot may not be a framer, but is still one of my faves!

What a G forces girl!

And of course, a classic family shot is always good for grandparents.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour

When I first saw the video about Earth Hour, I was covered in goosebumps and ended up crying. I try to be very "green", from letting laundry pile up rather than using the dryer (we have had a wet and therefore dirty March!), to potty training my kids as soon as they could walk because both washable and disposable nappies do the environment no favours. I drive an ugly but small engined car, and I save water in ways I'd rather not admit. I buy potted cedars to use as Christmas trees and then plant them in my already cedar cluttered garden, and changed all the bulbs in my house to the eco bulbs, despite their light colour offending my artistic sensibilities, all for the sake of doing my small part to save the planet. So Earth Hour hit home and I have planned the entire night on Satureday around having no electricity and have stocked up on candles. Greenrock is promoting Bermuda's own Earth Hour 2009 and hopefully our little Island can make a big impact in that one hour between 8:30 and 9:30 on Saturday, just to show how easy it can be to make a difference. It could be a night for romance, a seance, playing some guitar, or star gazing - just turn off the lights, and anything else that is plugged in, and enjoy time with loved ones! Here are some shots of what my house will look like.

I am sure the guppies will not mind a few floating candles in their bowl - bigger picture, this type of event is for their future too!

Good luck and I would love to hear what others did.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monaghan Family Collection

This Collection is beyond overdue. I photographed the Monaghans when George was a newborn (a year ago???) - back when I had first started offering Collections. The good news is that the delay worked to the family's advantage as I am now a Photoshop wizard compared with a year ago when I first started manipulating my images so the result will hopefully be worth the wait - I for one am thrilled with these works of art, but the family was so gorgeous already that the originals looked pretty great to start with. Here are a few of my favourite variations from their Collection.

How divine is this last one - the look he is giving me as his parents steal a smooch in the background is priceless!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chiasson Family Collection

The Chiassons had such a great shoot so they went for the Platinum package. They made up a folder of their 15 faves on and out of those, I picked the ones that I thought would work best for their Collection.

For images which I thought might be framed together, like twin ones of the children, or the shots of each parent with each child, I tried to manipulate them as similarly as possible. This way, they can have a matte cut with two windows for the shots of the kids, or even four windows for the ones of the parents that all match. Or even if they were not all in one frame, if they were hung in separate frames along side each other as a diptych, or tetraptych, that would work beautifully as well.

Such a sweet big brother helping his sister - these two have such gentle natures which always makes shooting a dream.