Friday, November 29, 2013

Hilary, Tom, Sarah, Sophie & Susannah

This has to be one of the cutest shoots I have done and once again reaffirms how props and fab outfits really make a shoot, not just in terms of the outcome of how the images look, but also in terms of how fun the shoot is at the time! Hilary went nuts and found adorable outfits and props for their three gorgeous girls and we all had so much fun.

The girls started the shoot in twirly girly pettiskirt tutus which were so flowy and fun and the colours looked stunning against the water backdrop. I brought some flowers for their hair and we draped them in pearls to finish the look.

Sarah is my daughter, Indigo's best friend at school. In fact, Indigo had slept over at their house the night before so I feel a little guilty if the girls were a little tired for the shoot, but they were stars. Sarah is always so positive and never gives up and is a great friend for Indigo and obviously an amazing big sister.

I love how the personalities of the three girls really came out in this shoot. Sophie is very independent but when she feels comfortable and trusts, her warmth is just glowy and shines through.

Darling little Susannah is the baby of the family and is so much fun. Whenever she sees me, she hurtles towards me for a hug which I adore. She is cheeky and playful and just completely delicious!

After the girls had had enough fun in their tutus, they changed into these winter wonderland outfits. Pjs, wooly waistcoats, wooly booties, and these divine hats that are all the rage this year - why weren't they invented yet when I was growing up??? Hilary even found this darling teepee and lights on the Restoration Hardware site as well so she went all out and so so worth it - I was literally swooning while I was photographing them!

Can you believe RH sells sleeping bags made of this same faux fur as well - I could happily have just slept on the beach in those - love!

Thank you all for going all out for the shoot - it was totally magical and amazing memories for the girls. xxx