Monday, November 30, 2009

Betschart Family

This is the Betschart family. Benjamin is is one of my son's best friends and Oslo calls him either Big Benjamin or Benjamin B (there were two Benjamins in Oslo's class at nursery last year). Oslo adores Benjamin and I can see why - in fact, he and his entire family are really quite lovable so when Tamara and Marc asked me to capture some family memories at the beach before they go traveling for a year (or so...!), I was thrilled.

One of the things I love about living as an adult in the same place where I grew up is the opportunity to meet old acquaintances in in new contexts. I photographed Marc's sister's weddding, and before that, I knew Marc from Warwick Academy, but now our children are such good friends and I have had the opportunity to get to know his utterly wonderful wife, Tamara. Love the circle of life that resonates so clearly when you see your own childhood echoed in the experiences of your children, with the children of friends from your own childhood - very cool, albeit a mind bender and tongue twister when I try to write it like that!

Adore the diptychs above and below...

This stance above is sooooo Benjamin. It was fun editing photos from a family I knew - I chose images I would otherwise not have included in a blog post as I knew they were signature mannerisms which I usually do not recognise.

Sweet Baby Oliver was happiest with his mummy nursing, but a little swinging around and we were able to extract an upside down smile!

I am rather envious of the journey the family will be embarking on in a month - they are heading over to Europe and just going to live life freely and fully while their children are still young. It is an amazingly courageous thing to do, but will be so life altering and enriching for the whole family.

Tamara, Marc, Benjamin and Oliver - thanks so much for such a fun shoot and hope these memories of Bermuda will keep you grounded as you float into your new adventures. Have a blast. xx


  1. I absolutely LOVE your work!!!! I still want to work with you some time in the future! You tell a great story through your images. I hope I can one day do the same through mine! Keep up the amazing work!

    Catrina Sims

  2. It always so much fun to see your gorgeous pictures of people that I know especially now that we live in Canada (since June 09, so memories are still very fresh about beautiful Bermuda and our good friends there.)
    You took my maternity pictures in Dez.05 just weeks before our first baby Emma was born and I missed the opportunity to have you take pics of the whole family (now there is 4 of us. Emma is now 4 and Jonas almost 2), but hope to do that when we come visit Bermuda next time.
    Until then I shall just enjoy your gorgous photography. And in case Tamara will read this :Alles Gute, Tamara, auf Deiner Reise. Eine wunderbare Idee. Geniesse die Zeit. Alles Liebe, Birgit


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