Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baron Family

I photographed the Baron family at a location where they like to be most - at home. They are a very close family and spend all their time together when not working or at school. They also love to go boating and skiing, but most of all, they really adore just hanging at home. I love capturing families in their element as the combination of pretty gardens and indoor home settings really make a shoot personalised and unique.

I adored Oliver's room. All his stuffed animals lined a shelf along the side of his bed which made so much sense to me. Rather than cluttering up his bed to the point there is no room left for him, this way, he has all the toys he needs close at hand. He explained to me who was who and showed me his oh-so extra favourite teddy, Bear, and his second favourite kitty too.

Maggie's room was so colourful and vibrant - verging on trendy and modern - no, not verging - it simply was trendy and modern - this will surely influence what she does when she grows up. But for now, at just one year old, she focuses on important things like gnawing on a bulbous (and safe) night light, or climbing all by herself onto her funky red chair.

Oliver is a very good cuddler. Too good at it sometimes in Maggie's opinion.

I first met Sally when I photographed her exquisite pregnant belly 3 years ago. I was also pregnant, though at the time it seemed like our due dates were miles apart. But now, Indigo and her Oliver are in the same class and I certainly hope that they are becoming fast friends, for I have never met such a polite and respectful boy in my life and I hope some of that loveliness rubs off on my little girl!

Oliver and Maggie are lucky enough to also have Sam in their lives. She is the most amazing nanny who is a huge part of the family. Sam has been with the family since Maggie was born and the children just adore her. I thought she was fabulous too and wanted her to fling me about and play games with me the way she did with the little ones!

Andy and Sally-Anne have been married seven years, and had spanned the Atlantic before happily coming to rest bang smack in the middle of it - life in Bermuda is suiting the two, and their growing family, very well.

Needed to capture a few extras of Maggie since she is just learning to walk and being the second child, almost certainly does not have as many snaps of her life as sweet Oliver does.


  1. Great photos and interesting comments.

    Simon (Sally-Anne's dad)

  2. Grandpa and Grandma Baron have a BEAUTIFUL family and you captured it so well. Adore your writing style - with the photos woven in.

    Best to all,

    (friend of the grandparents)


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