Thursday, November 26, 2009

McGuire Teeny Taster

This is the fourth time I have shot the McGuires, and their oldest boy, Cooper, is only 3 so they are definitely what you could call good clients, especially since Cooper was already 18 months at the first shoot! I then captured Baby Zach in his first weeks, again this time last year when he was 6 months, and then just now, when he was the same age that Cooper was at the first shoot. Our original session was rained out, and then travel and conflicts prevented us from scheduling again until recently, but I couldn't resist surprising such great clients with a couple early tasters to tide them over and for their long planned holiday card. Now this is definitely not the last of this shoot you will see as the whole thing was amazing - the light was so soft and creamy, I dreamed I must have been in California with all that heart breaking pollution diffusing the sun's rays into liquid loveliness. But I think that on these low0-sun winter days, on the rare occasion that the clouds hang back, it really offers some of the most beautiful light and we kept shooting until well past sunset - heaven!

Tina and Mike - thanks so much for yet another great shoot. All your props and details, from the buckets and Christmas crackers to the hats, balls and teddies, really made it special, not to mention how great you are at combining your DNA into mini versions of yourselves!

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