Sunday, November 8, 2009

Milner Family

This adorable boy is Toby and he is three. He has his mummy, Tania's eyes, and his daddy, Richard's everything else! Like his father and grandfather before him, Toby is mad on anything sporty and he almost always has a bat and a ball in his hand.

Except when he has his monkey, Mr Monkey in his hands, and then he is animal mad, and forgets about sports for a while. He is besotted with the movie, Madagascar, and loves going to the zoo.

Tania and Richard met in school and have been together since they were about 18, and in Bermuda for the last six years.

Although he loves anything boy, from jumping in puddles to playing ball, he is also very affectionate with both his mummy and daddy - what a combination!

I didn't quite appreciate how naturally sporty Toby was until I saw him with a cricket bat. He was amazing and hit the ball every time - I was in awe that a three year old could be that coordinated and talented.

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