Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sahai Family

The Sahai family were looking for the ideal beach holiday this summer and had heard wonderful things about Bermuda. They ended up staying at The Reefs and were thrilled with their choice. They were wowed by the people of Bermuda (lovely to hear!) and said that the hospitality was second to none.

For Aliya, the best part of the trip was being able to all be together under one roof with her husband Rithvik, their adorable 11 month old daughter, Sophia, and her parents, Wahida and Asgar (known as Ammi and Papa to little Sophia). Although Asgar and Wahida live nearby at home, it was wonderful for the grandparents to see all of Sophia's moments - from happy to crazy! And lucky for Sophia, they loved all the mood variations. I have to say, I have never seen such devoted grandparents and was moved by how smitten they were, but looking at Sophia, how could they not be?

Aliya sent me a link to their online family album, which is peppered with photographs of a most gleeful Sophia, from birth to present. In every image, the baby is smiling so brightly that it looks like it hurts! As Aliya discovered, it was not a vacation, but relocation, and so Sophia was not totally her giggly self on our shoot. I think the change the comforts of home, the hot humid climate, and the wind was all a bit overwhelming. It must have been a big adjustment from her city life. But her daddy knew just what to do to return that bubbling over happiness they knew so well.

When we sat Sophia on the sand, clearly it was not a texture she knew or liked. I think her pointed toes and flared fingers are hilarious - such a little city girl.

The winds were rather wild on the day of our shoot, and the beach had a lot of seaweed washed up so not the usual picture perfect Bermuda, but it made for a dramatic backdrop and I was happy it wasn't raining.

Sophia definitely had a soft spot for her grandfather.

I guess Sophia does not spend much time digging around in flower beds at home either!


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