Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kathryn & Fred's Wedding

Fred and Kathryn are like two parts of something that was separated once, but found their way back together. They just fit together that well. Their proposal story is too romantic to be true and Fred is such a star with all his plotting and planning. The night the pair were engaged, Fred completely surprised Kathryn - not once, but twice! Firstly, he cooked up a story in order to get his beloved to the restaurant where they had shared their first date three years earlier. While she was engrossed in the menu, Fred decided it was time to stop sweating and start proposing. He slipped onto one knee and she was floored... and thrilled. Fred requested they sneak off to have a romantic dinner in the private wine cellar which he said he had arranged before hand. Kathryn was once again bowled over as the doors opened into a room filled with all their family and friends waiting to celebrate the engagement. So it only seemed natural that their loved ones join them once again on their honeymoon, kicked off by a fabulous wedding in Bermuda. Fred and Kathryn love to relax, snorkel, scuba dive and just be together holidaying on tropical islands, so when the first visited The Reefs, they knew they had found the perfect location to have their nearest and dearest share in what they loved doing most, at a time when it mattered most.

Kathryn's Vera Wang dress had such elegant but fun detailing on the back and I loved the way the fabric flowed and caught the breeze like a spinnaker when she was on the beach.

Click on the below images to see them larger - Fred's expression is just so genuine. After the wedding, he told me that he really is the luckiest man in the world to have Kathryn as his wife, but he didn't need to tell me this - it is written all over his face in every photo.

How divine is it when a man notices details like his new bride's necklace being a weensy bit twisted?

Fred holds tight to the the bouquet of orchids and calla lilies, created by Just Roses, while Kathryn admires her rings made by Devon Jewelers.

I was smitten with Kathryn's Brian Atwood shoes which were so funky. She chose them as they were the highest heels she could find, but I just thought the clear Plexiglas was to die for.

Kathryn and Fred were just fabulous to work with. They nuzzled each other like crazy which made my job so fun and easy.

The wedding cake was a highlight of the day. Fred and Kathryn's friend, famous pastry chef, Robert Bennet, whipped up a visual feast that also turned out to be entirely edible, right down to the sugared sea grass, chocolate shells and jellied seaweed. The rest of the decorations were all made from pure sugar - the sandy bottom was granulated sugar, the fish, bottle and pearls were blown into shape, while the sea fans and sea grass were impressively coloured and shaped glass candy. Fred and Kathryn were in heaven as they tasted the different parts of their magnificent cake. My heart ached for the chef to see his beautiful work devoured and I imagined how I would feel if someone did the same to my photos!

Their first dance was to Adele's version of Bob Dylan's "Make you feel my love".

If you would like to see more images from Fred and Kathryn's gorgeous wedding, click here for a slide show featuring the song Done Drifting by the too-talented-to-be-true Heather Nova.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Aura's Collection

Tamsyn and Jeff have been waiting forever for this Collection of their newborn session with Aura when she was only a couple weeks old. She is now 4 1/2 months old! That is the thing about COllections which I have not figured out how to make it a quicker turn over since clients don't always get back to me immediately, and by the time they do, I am swamped with the shoots I am trying to process regularly so end up putting the Collections on the back burner - Lana is helping me work on this little glitch in the system. Anyway Tamsyn and Jeff - I hope it was worth the wait. Can't wait to see the three of you for your next shoot!

To see the difference in the before and after effects of this Collection, see the original post or slide show of the Doran family's newborn session.