Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Smith Family

Last year, I photographed the Smith family at the beach. Since they have been in their new house for about a hear and a half and absolutely love it, Jared and Suga decided they wanted to capture what life at home was like, especially since they know they will not be at this house, and indeed in Bermuda, forever. They want to look back fondly at the home where the kids spent some wonderful years of their early childhood.

The siblings love playing together and making each other laugh.

Last year, Baby Sophie was still in her mother's belly during our photo session. It is amazing what happens in a year! Now, at 9 months, she is her own little person - sweet and easy going and a very adventurous crawler!

Cameron is three and loves to check the mail box to see if any goodies have arrived.

I am in love with those thighs - have you ever seen anything so delectable in your life?

Cameron is a big reader and loves all books, but especially ones about trains, trucks or construction equipment. What is it about boys and machinery? It seems to be hard wired - amazing. But his soft side is a boy who cannot sleep without his beloved polar bear, just called Polar Bear.

Cameron may be a bit more reserved and takes his time warming up, but once he does, he is a ton of fun.

Sophie is very energetic, is into everything and loves to be outside, but being bounced on the bed by her brother is a pretty close second.

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