Sunday, October 8, 2006

Welcome Baby Saria

Meet the Robinsons. Probably the most picture perfect family on the planet! And this is Baby Saria (pronounced like Maria with an "S"). At 6 weeks, I could not get over how alert yet zen she was - a dream to photograph, despite the grey weather. Poor Ed - only minutes into the shoot, I asked him to remove his shirt. I just love the contrast of the strength of Ed juxtaposed to tiny fragile Saria.

I have to say, I am usually extremely reluctant to shoot babies either after 2 weeks old, or before about they are about 4 or 5 months. In their first couple of weeks, newborns are still sleeping all the time so I can prop them into mad places like baskets, bowls, or hang them in some fabric from the trees! Their faces are more soft and relaxed while asleep so they look more like who they really are. As soon as babies start to wake up, they are still utterly adorable in motion, but often certain expressions when freeze framed can look more like a struggle for life and really not the bundle of perfection parents love. By the time babies are about 4 or 5 months old, the gleeful squeals have taken over the pursed lips and buggy eyes and once again, it is an amazing time to capture. So the point of this ramble it is to say that I reluctantly broke my rule and photographed Saria at only 6 weeks old, but she was an exception to the norm, and blew my mind with how photographable she was - just beautiful.

This shot of Ed with Saria is one of my favourite shots of all time!

It helped that Cheryl and Ed were totally snuggly and adorable together too.