Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Calypso

I think I am having heart palpitations this baby is so delicious! Her name is Calypso and that name in itself conjures up so much romance and wily watery imagery of islands and oceans and music. Her mama bear, Rinear, is smitten with mermaids and has been since she went off to the states for school but missed and longed for her island home and the salty sea. She started collecting mermaid paraphernalia and there is now a room full of all the trinkets and goodies at her parents home. So what better idea, that to include that love of mermaids in the shoot with Baby Calypso. I was in love with this sweet knit mermaid tail. And the fish bowl and beautiful water backdrop to boot and I was in heaven with my camera.

Originally, Rinear and her hubby Ben wanted a family name, but as they were going through their family trees, they realised that there were mainly very old fashioned names like Bertha and Ethel which really were not their style. They wanted an island, ocean name that reflected the both of them. When Rinear was in highschool, it was decided that if she could be renamed, she would be called Calypso. So when the new parents were going through names, they always circled back to that name. And in the end, that was the one they settled on, with "Rinear" as her middle name to keep the family tradition going.

I have known Rinear all of her life and was sadly not able to capture her wedding since there was a mix up with dates - I thought it was on 10th February (10.2 UK version) and she meant October 2nd (10.2 US style). So when I heard she'd had a baby and wanted me to capture these first days of Calypso's life, I was thrilled.

In the amazing mermaid room, I was shown this darling antique perambulator. Not only is it genuine, but it actually belonged to Calypso's great great great grandmother Rinear, on her mother's side. Mama bear Rinear remembers playing with the pram when she was a child visiting her grandparents in West Virginia. When they moved down to the islands from the States, Rinear's parents had the heirloom piece shipped to Bermuda. I don't think I was very good at containing my excitement - I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the piece in the first place, and then all that history on top just made my heart do cartwheels. And of course this dreaming baby who allowed us to place her anywhere just made this the most incredible shoot.

How delicious is her squished little mouth - divine.

Rinear - Calypso is beautiful and clearly you are both taking to mama and baby hood like ducks to water the way you are both so calm and content. The shoot was a dream - can't wait to see her over the years grow up. Love to you all, xxxx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jordan & Anya - Elbow Beach, Bermuda Wedding

Anya and Jordan had friends and family who traveled all the way from England as well as from different parts of Canada to join in their celebrations of their marriage. Against the inspiring backdrop of Bermuda's south shore, the two exchanged their vows and participated in ancient rituals of marriage. After the wedding and cocktails, their guests were swept away to the Celebrity Summit cruise ship, where the newlyweds had hired out a private Michelin star restaurant for their guests. Their wedding was all they had dreamed it would be and was the perfect start to a wonderful journey Jordan and Anya were beginning as husband and wife.

Jordan's shoe's were Salvatore Ferragamao and his fabulous watch was Raymond Well.

I adored the light summer feel of the Groom's Giorgio Armani suit and so cute he had pinned his boutonniere to the jacket before he even dressed.

This was such fun for me as most couples decide not to have me cover the groom's getting ready. I loved the different feel of the shoot and capturing all those manly details - of course having such a hotty groom was a treat too!

The shirt and tie were gifts from Anya from Burberry and his handkerchief for his pocket was also Armani.

Anya was already in her dress when I arrived at the room and I was nearly bowled over. It was a true fairytale dress with more layers of tulle than I had ever seen in one dress and the most sumptuous bodice made from pure white feathers - this Manuel Mota dress was a true work of art.

Manuwl Mota had also designed the intricately beaded waistband and the veil.

Jordan designed Anya's engagement ring and had it custom made in Toronto, where the wedding bands were also custom made.

THe bride's darling hair flower was a vintage piece that just made the look complete.

Anya's bouquet was exactly as she had asked for and Flowers by Gimi did a beautiful job.

Anya's dramatic hair and make up were done by the bride herself - I am still reeling at how she managed to do such a beautiful job on her own.

Anya and Jordan decided to do an intimate first look before the ceremony so that we could do photos then. This way, they could enjoy as much time as possible with their guests who had all come on the ship to celebrate with them. I arranged Anya's dress so that when Jordan walked through that door, he would be was struck as I was by his stunning bride in her dreamy dress.

How cute is this photo below - can you see Anya in the window waiting for her beloved?

I have never used this chandelier before in photos - not necessarily always the best angle to shoot up but these two are so gorgeous that any angle is great for them!

I wanted to do some close ups and knew their hands would be in the photos so Jordan and Anya had a sweet little ring exchange right there on the floor where I had asked them to sit! It was insanely hot outside so they had decided it was best to do as many of the photos indoors before hand.

I just can't help it, but I am totally in love with this next series of photos - they are such a beautiful and hip couple - I could have shot them all day!


Jordan proposed to Anya on the train on the way to Liverpool in the UK. He had carried her engagement ring all the way from Canada in his pocket. On the way to the train station, Jordan swapped the ring to his left pocket to conceal the box while driving. But of course he had forgotten that in the UK, the driver sits on the right side! Luckily, Anya didn't see and when the time was right, Jordan pulled out the ring on the train and Anya of course said YES!

Did I mention Anya's sexy gift from Jordan - they were a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. They were so funky - and so high - I was dizzy just looking at them! Since having babies (almost eight years ago!) I have worn flats, so these were just a notion from another life to me, but oh how I do pine for and admire them from afar!

We decided that despite the heat, we had to slip outside so the couple could make a wish as they walked through the moongate.

I love this photo below - they are just so hip and her dress so divine!

When I came out to the reception site, I saw this rainbow, wishing them even more luck!

Anya and Jordan used to spend a lot of time at Elbow Beach Hotel when they were in Bermuda. In August of 2011, after getting engaged and deciding they wanted to tie the know here on the island, the couple flew to the island to check out all different venue options. When they reached the Ocean View Terrace, they knew this was the spot for them. The hotel's history and grandeur were elements that Jordan and Anya adored and it fit their wedding plans perfectly.

Anya was the inspiration behind these incredible flowers. It really was a fairytale. Gimi did an incredible job pulling her designs together and making her dream wedding site a sight to behold.

Rev. Charly Franks was wise and witty as always.


Jordan and Anya - your wedding was a dream from start to finish. So many details that you were able to plan from far away and you were so lovely in your deep appreciation to all those who helped make the day unfold as you had imagined. I am so happy that everything was just as you had hoped and hope these images help keep those memories fresh for years to come. Hope to see you when you come the the island again!