Friday, November 6, 2009

Bermuda Wedding - The Reefs: Lauren & Phillip

For Lauren and Phillip, their wedding wasn't just a destination ceremony in beautiful Bermuda, but an entire cruise holiday that they took with their nearest and dearest. Since the family all live in different parts of the United States, the couple wanted to bring everyone together to make lots of memories and have lots of fun. And that they did. Theirs was one of the most original and entertaining weddings I have shot, complete with dancing down the aisle, numerous original readings and music by family, deeply personal vows and gorgeous individualised programmes which were hand made for each guest.

I was totally unprepared for how fantastic the processional would be, from the sweet flower girls twirling down the aisle allowing petals slip from an umbrella and a basket as the danced, it set the stage for what was to come.

Phillip whispered to me their processional plans just before the ceremony began and I asked if he and Lauren were professional dancers. He answered that they were analysts - talk about not what I expected - such fun!

This book was made by Lauren as a special reminder of their wedding day. In it, the couple placed their thoughts and vows that they wrote for the ceremony, along with all the readings and music performed by their family. The newlyweds look forward to someday sharing with their children the wonderful day where they didn't only celebrate themselves, but rather their entire family.

Coming from different faiths, but sharing a common respect and belief in a higher power, the two chose to hold a non-traditional service which reflected the love in their hearts and the ability to believe. They wanted to commit to a life together in front of their close family and friends and surrounded by the beauty of nature, for which Caso's Point at The Reefs was the perfect choice.

Lauren specially made her bouquet into three parts. When she came down the aisle, she handed one part to her mother because she has been with Lauren from the start. The bride gave the second bouquet to Phillip's mum as s symbol of her appreciation for being given Phillip, and she did this after their vows to reflect the happiness she felt for becoming a part of their family.

Phillip said it took him 4 hours to write his vows and they were so personal and telling of both his bride before him, and of their relationship that I had to hold back the tears.

Lauren was on the balcony of her room the day of the wedding practicing her vows. She was out there sobbing in an attempt to get the tears out before the eyelashes went on. When she came inside for a tissue, she noticed a beautiful breakfast laid out for her which Phillip had specially ordered. Apparently, one of the attendants had slipped in and back out after the meal was arranged without daring to let his presence be known to the weeping girl on the balcony.

Lauren's brother, Ryan, officiated the ceremony as he had been with the couple from the beginning.

Phillip and Lauren had originally booked me for a Day After Session, but the evening was so lovely, and the weather forecast terrible for the following day, that we spontaneously decided to extend their wedding day couple shots. They let their guests go on ahead to enjoy their cocktail reception on the ship while we frolicked on the beach and enjoyed the glorious light while we had it. We made the right decision, for the next day the rains rolled in with heavy black clouds dramatically surrounding the Island, so I am so grateful to the pair for being able to take the time to get some fun shots while the light was kind to us.

Lauren and Phillip - you were such fun and your appreciation of your family and the sacrifices they went through to be there for your wedding was apparent. You are blessed to have such close family and friends to help you, laugh with you, and love you - all the best for the future.

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