Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I have loved

We're moving. What's that you say? We only just moved 8 months ago? Oh but it was so much fun to pack up everything and moving just 6 minutes up the road was not drama enough - we just have to do it again but this time, 35 mins away on the other side of town with even more stuff than before!!
And why are we leaving this dreamy house? I will save our reasons for another post, but for now, I will pay tribute to the amazing home we were blessed enough to live in since September, and even though we did not get to enjoy a full summer here, we have loved every moment of this magical corner of our Island.

So here is my list about what I have loved about this house, and what I will miss the most.

I've loved facing west

I've loved being able to watch how different the sunsets are each night

I've loved even more to see those rare moonsets, even if it means waking in the very early hours to catch it like I did this morning.

This was amazing today - it was raining yet the moon was shining. I didn't get to see it set sadly as the clouds rolled in and obscured the view, but I loved that one of our last nights here, I was able to see such a sight to remember.

I've loved that we can lean over the wall and see all the tiny coves and varied rocks, and no matter the what the weather, it is always beautiful.

I've loved the sound of longtails' call and to see them sweep through the skies and nest in the cliffs below.

I've loved seeing a feeding frenzy or a turtle before he dips below once more, and all the weird and wonderful sea creatures that pass our way.

I've loved the sweet little tree house the previous tenants built.

I've loved the romantic tunnel of trees that leads down to the water's edge

I've loved the sea grass that grows near the water's edge

I've loved the water's edge

I've loved having a covered terrace to dine outside all year round

I've loved having big closets and lots of space to hoard all my junk.

I've loved the view out our bedroom window

I've loved the open plan and well laid out design of this house - it just makes sense the way each room leads into another.

I've loved the bright sunny kitchen


I've loved having a big playroom in which the kids could make a mess and I never minded.

I've loved that the kids have little areas to bike

I've loved living near a farm

I've loved the memories we made while living in this home

I've loved living in this house and will miss it so, but very excited for our next adventure. Stay tuned for the new house post. In the meantime, if you are waiting for photos and it is taking a long time, now you know why!!! Thanks so much for your patience.