Monday, October 17, 2011

Mirabelle & Rudy Maternity

A little over two years ago, while meditating in the Himalayas at the Sivananda Ashram, Mirabelle had a strong message that she needed to cleanse herself of her fears before becoming a mother. Since her intention while at the ashram was to heal from injury, this strong message could not be ignored. She worked at her physical health, recovering completely from a slipped disc and her meditation practice intensified and brought all her fears to the forefront. This was of course incredibly challenging to surmount these fears, but also presented opportunities and the end results were incredible. So last year, Mirabelle and Rudy decided they were ready for a little soul to join their lives. In yogic tradition, they carried out a physical cleanse and asked for a wonderful soul to accept them as parents. And so little Sivaana was gifted to these two and started her journey of growing inside her mother's tummy.

The pregnancy was a great learning experience and there were amazing highs, like chanding and drums in a cave in Bermuda, hiking in Hong Kong, dancing, creativity, inspiration, drumming on the seaface in Mumbai. But there were also some real challenges like how painfully long it took her to eat a single meal, nausea and vomitting, gestational diabetes even though she barely ate anything unhealthy. Through it all, Rudy was just so supportive and the perfect husband.  They were also blessed with a birthing coach and truly wonderful and supportive friends.

Mirabelle's grand mother crochetted clothes for her mother, and then her mother crochetted clothes for Mirabelle so the expecting mother decided to continue the tradition and learned how to crochet from a wonderful lady here in Bermuda. Rudy practices playing happy birthday on the guitar (which he played at Sivaanaa's birth) and composed a beautiful song for her that he played and sand to her. He also ready to her from the great spiritual traditions of the world.

Mirabelle felt to incredible being all round and baby bellied, like she was carrying something divine and wonderful inside of her.

You may remember these stones from Mirabelle's yoga shoot in Southlands.

Rudy and Mirabelle wanted to have photos taken to celebrate and remember this wonderful time of blessedness and grace. Their outfits and bindis (jewels) reflect their Indian tradition of shringaar or celebration of the beauty of the body through aesthetics.

Dear Rudy and Mirabelle - congratulations on the arrival of sweet baby Sivaanaa Magdalena - you two have the most beautiful and harmonious energy of any couple I know and you will made dream parents. I love your outlooks on life and she is a very lucky little girl to have found her way into your world. I wish you three the best of times and can't wait to hear about your new life in India and as parents. xxxx


  1. such beautiful pictures.... I love the moments you have captured :) And Mirabelle is beyond glowing!!!! So So pretty!!!

  2. Sacha.. These are absolutely wonderful pics. Loved each one of them. Thanks for capturing the essence of the pictures. You are truly amazing. We enjoyed and cherished every moment of the shoot. - Rudy

  3. Jaw dropping photos!! awesome!! Rudy din think u wud b such a sweetheart husband & dad....Sivana is blessed to have so loving & passionate parents like Mirabelle & U...Best Wishes for a glorious future!!

  4. i would say the pics are ineffable & the expressions of both of u are like icing on cake!! Best Wishes to you Hrithik (Oops Sorry, Rudy) :)

    Sacha - Kudos to you....Fantastic Work!!

    ---- Sumeet Gilra


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