Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Morelli Family

A lovely day and a lovely family - we captured some dreamy moments of childhood in Bermuda. Bob and Jennifer know they are going to probably be leaving the Island in the next year so had always been keen to get some family shots, but this news sped up the process, as well as helped them decide that a beach location was best for highlighting their Bermuda memories.

Emily is four and Abigail is one and it seemed like such a great age gap to me (mine are 19 months apart!) as Emily was so nurturing towards her baby sister.

Emily is always trying to play with her baby sister. She includes Abigail in her imaginary games, and drags her along everywhere so when this happened, it was a priceless every day moment captured. Emily's primary goal is to make Abigail happy when she is sad - it is so sweet.

What - a kiss on the cheek and a hug isn't helping? Maybe a hug around the tummy will improve the situation...

Emily had been very excited about getting her photos taken, but when we started, she was a weensy bit shy. All this disappeared by the time we reached the beach and she showed off her spinning talent.

Nothing like a good hug (a.k.a. too tight squeeze!).

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