Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amanda & Kenyon - Day After Session - sunny day at last

Amanda & Kenyon had a small intimate wedding back in June and I shot their Day After Session the next day, but unfortunately, it was a grey and rainy day. The pair came back to Bermuda in October for a bigger celebration with all their family and friends so we planned the next shoot for the day after their party. Although the two were exhausted from having danced until 4:30am, they were still game for some more photographing fun, especially if the sun was out. The whole day was beautiful and as I drove from Somerset to Tucker's Town, I drove under cloud cover and my heart started sinking for the couple. They really wanted some bright turquoise waters in their backdrop and I was very excited to be bringing lots of props, including my pink antique love seat! When we started, the sun did grace us with some glorious water colours and rich shadows so I quickly took advantage, but soon it slipped into haze and we spent more time deliberating about what to do than we did actually shooting.

We decided the sofa was fabulous enough that with or without sun, just the image of it on the beach was mad enough to capture!

Amanda literally had blood blisters on the soles of her feet from dancing so much so my classic shooting from the feet back image was obviously not an option! This angle works just as well though I think.

Finally, we decided that without the sun, there was not point in continuing with the shoot, even though I had spent more time in the car getting there than we had shooting. We packed up my love seat and all of our unused props and sadly bid each other goodbye. Amanda and Kenyon promised to come back to the Island again for their one year anniversary and that we would try again for a sunny day - Amanda said it was great incentive to be able to fit into her divine dress one more time.

As I was driving out of Tuckers Town, I could see that the edge of the cloud front was near and within minutes, the blue skies would return. I pulled over and convinced the newlyweds to try just one last time. They had dinner plans so were keen to head out, but when they saw the waters light up with the first hint of the sun's return, they agreed that we had to do it.

when two hearts become one...

Amanda and Kenyon - thank you both for helping me try to predict the weather - I think the weather station will be hiring us any day now given the success of these beautiful Bermuda images! Looking forward to seeing you next year for your one year anniversary session and since we finally got our sunny shots, now you need to look for fabulous new outfits for your anniversary session!

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  1. beautiful! Is that Windsor??
    Almost makes me want to get married all over again!


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