Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flora & Eliza - Bermuda Photographer

Eliza and Flora are growing up so quickly and interacting together even more than ever. They adore playing with teddies, dolls and tea sets so we decided a wee tea party in the garden was the perfect theme. I photographed the girls six months ago, and I am very happy to say the drama with the tea pot was not repeated! That said, we still captured some gorgeous photos of the two but Mama Bear Susan wanted some current ones now that the girls are one and three years old. 

Flora is her mama's little helper, always wanting to take care of her baby sister, unless of course Eliza is going after one of Flora's favourite toys. Although Susan and Tom are not planning on a third child, when Flora asked if they could have another baby, Susan explained to her that Mummy only has two arms - one for Flora and one for Eliza - but Flora assured her mummy that she had another arm which she would happily use to take care of another baby. Still not convincing enough for her parents to grow the family, but adorable all the same. What a darling big sister.

Eliza is delectable and a typical one year old - into everything and a bit of a handful for her parents who chase her around to make sure she and everything she touches stays safe. She is loving all the exploration and possibilities around her that walking has brought. Although she only speaks a few words, it is already clear to her family that this wise little one understands absolutely everything. She adores her older sister and they are often discovered cracking up with laughter at each others' antics.

After the garden, we popped upstairs for a little fun on my fave antique sofa. Flora was a little cooked by then and so was keen to jump and stick her tongue out but that was ok - even these images show her many sides of her personality.

Eliza was fully into the fun in my room still. I think I was very well behaved not taking a wee snack out of her delicious little legs - how yummy is this little love bug???

Thank you Flora and Eliza for another fun shoot - it is such fun to see how much you have changed in six short months and look forward to seeing you again very soon! xxx

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Virginia and Paddle Board Yoga, Bermuda

Virginia started taking a weekly yoga class six or seven years ago. When she moved to Bermuda three years ago, she was taking two classes a week. One Saturday morning, her husband was on his scooter and was hit by a car. He had to spend six weeks in hospital healing and that was when Virginia decided when she was not with him at the hospital or helping the kids, she need to do something for herself. She promised herself she would work out every day, giver herself an hour a day on her own, and use that time to recharge, decompress and breathe. Her husband was well on the road to recovery when yoga properly grabbed hold of Virginia and she was taking at least two classes a week and some days, two classes in a day! This past summer, with the thought that she was leaving Bermuda and that age 50 was looming on the horizon, even though her fit test has her at ten years younger, Virginia decided she wanted to throw herself at something else - something new that allowed her to experience the beauty of Bermuda's outdoors. That was when she discovered paddle board yoga with Tali.

Virginia was so thrilled with what an unbelievable and challenging experience it was to do yoga on a paddle board. She adored being in the turquoise waters surrounded by gorgeous scenery all the while having an extremely challenging workout. I can't even imagine how good trying to balance on those boards must be for one's core - think I could use some paddle board yoga to train me up for next wedding season!

The memory of lying in Savasana, with her feet and hands trailing in the bath-like waters, with the warm sun on her face, the waters lapping on the board and the dance of the Longtails sweeping about overhead with be with Virginia forever.

Virginia - I do hope you find something as equally blissful yet challenging as paddle board yoga in your new home. For now, you have these wonderful memories of your journey here. xxxx