Monday, October 31, 2011


Ava is fabulous. She loves to hang out with close friends, and those with whom she can have a really good conversation. She is smitten with Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Jett, music and grunge. She also loves playing the piano, tennis and horse riding. As you can see, she is also utterly gorgeous - 5' 10", blonde with the most swoonable brown eyes. One of her ambitions is to be on the cover of Vogue, her favourite magazine. So since she is interested in getting into modeling, Ava wanted to do a shoot to help get her started. After having seen some of my work, she decided to trust me entirely and went for the Sacha Surprise. We tried to incorporate as much of her as possible in the shoot so that she can look back on these photos and see so much of what made her who she is.

Ava loves bohemian, vintage and grunge styles so we tried to pull in an element of all three for the shoot. She adores her bedroom and is proud of what she has made it into so we thought bringing some elements into the shoot would be ideal. From her Buddha statues, because they make her happy (she is very interested in Buddhism) to her Union Jack bed covers, which remind her of her family and her roots, we put together her own little day dreaming bedroom together outside. She also brought along some photos, including one of her very glamourous grand mother taken when she was young, and some of her fave magazines.

I loved how the set up was not only funky looking, but really told a story of who Ava is by surrounding her with what she loves. The fact that her favourite colour is red was just the icing on the cake.

Ava actually still has her braces on so we did the whole shoot without a single smile, though I was hoping I would be hilarious enough that she would crack a smile at some point. But she was a true professional and knew what she wanted and varied her looks all the time.

Hello heavenly hair!!

These are Ava's most fave shoes ever - she adores her shiny red Dr Martens and they made for such a fun look - loved what she chose to wear and all her accessories.

Couldn't decide between these two versions of this image so thought I would share both!

Ava's second look was more of a dreamy bohemian look. So glad I won't ever let anyone cut the foliage in this corner of my garden - makes for a dreamy spot for photos!

Ava had come over before the shoot so we could narrow down some looks and I loaned her a bunch of things. I sent her home with this dress but she decided it wasn't her. But when we had captured all we needed with the other two looks, and still had a little time left, I decided that since it was a Sacha Surprise, I would choose the next outfit and setup. So glad I did - how divine does she look in this dress. I particularly love these shots since Ava is a piano player and whenever she is not feeling great, she knows she can play the piano and it makes her feel better. So this backdrop is just perfect for her and I love love love the red dress and the red piano keys and her sweet Buddha there too.

How stunning is this Indian piece - I actually found it in Nova Scotia and have worn it already so many times but this was the first shoot I used it in and am thrilled with the look wearing it on her forehead instead of as a necklace.

Ava - I am so glad you had so much fun on the shoot. From getting your hair and make up done, to putting up with me bossing you around and making you wear things you didn't think were very you. You were a star and I had so much fun myself so thank you for being open to all my ideas and directions. I think the results are definitely worth it - you are beautiful! xxx


Ok, so Indigo and Oslo are not that scary looking, but not bad for a five minute pulling together just before the Halloween Fair at Indigo's school. They have both announced they want to be something different for "proper" Halloween tonight so not quite sure where I am going to find the time to scramble more outfits together before their friends come over, but always an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness!

Happy Halloween and healthy snacking (or not!).


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Annie's 6th Birthday

This was Susanna and John's tenth year visiting Bermuda so they decided to make pack the holiday full of festivities. The day of the shoot was their daughter, Annie's sixth birthday so she celebrated in her favourite place - the beach. The family brought three generations this year and rented a gorgeous house over looking the ocean so the Tucker's Point Beach seemed the ideal spot to capture some of the wonderful memories they had made during their tine in Bermuda.

Annie also brought along another fave friend, Graham the Bear.

Annie's Nonnee ad Poppy were also celebrating their 80th birthdays on the trip so they had one big family party complete with hats, balloons, cupcakes and presents.

Other highlights were family games nights, swimming with the dolphins, a day of sailing and scavenger hunts in the pool. Sadly, lowlights were not one but two scooter accidents both times resulting in visits to the emergency room at KEMH, but happily followed by speedy recoveries, helped along with Dark 'n' Stormies on the terrace!

Annie's beloved nanny, June, also came to Bermuda for the holiday so Annie had to get a shot with her too!

I am so thrilled you all had such a wonderful holiday together. Hopefully it will become an annual trip for all of you and I will see you again next year! xxx