Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jones Family

This is Brianna. Her daddy, Wayne, is from Bermuda and her mummy, Zaira, is from Panama so her parents wanted a name that was easy to pronounce in both English and Spanish. Zaira's second name is Marlene, her daddy's last name is Jones so when she at last made her appearance this past April, Brianna Marlene Jones was the perfect fit. Aside from having a fabulous name, Brianna is also a little love muffin full of giggles and curiosity, not to mention her mummy and daddy's good looks.

Wayne was very keen on having their family session in a garden setting so I went to their adorable home and we found lots of nooks and crannies in which to shoot. Wayne loves working in his garden and this you can see as it is overflowing with character. He often takes Brianna on tours around their property, showing her the different flowers and creatures.

Despite how protected their garden is, there was a gale blowing the day of the shoot and we had quite the challenge keeping the blanket from flying over poor Brianna's head the entire time.

This spider was a challenge to focus on as its web was also flying about in the wind, but Brianna was so fascinated, I had to take a snap.

Sweet little Brianna had not napped properly that day and was teething so she had a bit of a melt down towards the end, but luckily only after we had captured her gleeful side.

Ready for bed with her grandmother giving her a bottle...

... sweet dreams sweet Brianna xx

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