Friday, February 27, 2015


Last Friday, Indigo's darling friend, Natalia, slept over. I tied rags in their hair so that when they woke the next morning, they would have ringlets. I am not a pro at this by any means so I missed bits and they went in all directions, but the girls were thrilled so I promised to do a photoshoot for them. As soon as they had finished their breakfast, they had changed into these darling tutu dresses and had chosen their hairbands. 

I already posted Natalia's photos as a surprise for her fab mama bear, who is a dear friend of mine as well. But Indigo wanted to see what her pics came out like so thought I would share them too.


This little angel bug is Natalia. Not only is she just the most deliciously beautiful little girl, but she is also the sweetest little sausage around, and one of my daughter, Indigo's besties in the whole world. Last Friday, she slept over and the girls slept in rag curls. So the next morning, we decided a photo session was in order to capture the ringlets. 

You may recognise Natalia from her family session three years ago, but she has grown up a lot since then. Big girl teeth now and everything!

Natalia just had her hair cut in a bob last week so the rags in the back did not hold all night, but the ones in the front did, and because she already has naturally wavy hair, they held so well in the front, but didn't look odd as the back was curly too.

Natalia borrowed one of Indigo's beloved tutu dresses which are made for photo shoots, and the girls had a blast trying my hair bands, props and necklaces.

Thank you Natalia for being such a star model - what a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Best sleep over ever! We love you. xxxx

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Seven of Them

This amazing family of seven have lived in Bermuda for eight years, but this is the first time all the kiddies have been on the island at the same time so they wanted to mark the occasion with a photoshoot.

James is the eldest by a long shot and the only boy so he loves his role in the family.

Emma is ten, and is the leader and protector of the younger girls who worship and adore her.

Amelie, who is eight, is the princess of the family and loves everything pretty.

Freya is six going on 36, and the one who continuously entertains and LOVES to perform and make selfie videos on her ipad!

Little Phoebe is only two, but her nickname is The Boss, which says it all as she has her brother and sisters tending to her every need, but is the love of all of their lives and is the one who brought all the kids together.

Graham and Gemma are superstar parents with 5 kids but they still have time to cuddle - love it!


Gemma, Graham, James, Emma, Amelie, Freya & Phoebe - so happy you were all together at last - hoping it happens more often going forward! xx

Tuesday, December 23, 2014