Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Downey Family

I photographed the Downey family last year when Baby Hailey was only a couple of weeks old. I cannot believe how much she has changed. I love these annual shoots as I really get to see the difference a year makes - especially with the tiny ones. Hailey is not only walking now, but well on her way to becoming a star as you will see further down with her dancing abilities.

I love how Sylvie and Chris are having a little smooch and so the kids join in and kiss their sister. Too cute.

Alex and Addesyn were just amazing older siblings with Hailey. She was not keen on just sitting in the sand but these two knew just what to do to make it all better (and without even having a lollipop on hand!)

Even though we were not able to get Hailey to look into my lens the same way her brother and sister did, I still think these two portraits are pretty adorable of her - such intense eyes.

You see Hailey's dance moves just coming to light here... wait...

I was madly in love with Addesyn's dress. It flowed so beautifully when she spun, so I asked her to spin and spin and spin - it is a wonder she never toppled over from all the whizzing around.

Alex was the arch jumper - he defied gravity - surely the next Baryshnikov.

And then there was Hailey's dancing - she just knew exactly how to groove on down. It was priceless to watch her.

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