Friday, May 16, 2014

Angelica and Kevin - Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda Wedding

Kevin and Angelica picked Bermuda for their sweet getaway wedding because of how beautiful the island is and for our gorgeous weather. But on the day of the wedding, the rains were so heavy that many parts of the island temporarily flooded. The young couple had hired the amazing wedding planners, Bermuda Bride, and I was on the phone back and forth with Nikki Begg all day trying to figure out a romantic indoor option, or at least an outdoor under cover alternative for the young couple. But after all our agonising about plan B locations, the heavy rains dried up and Angelica and Kevin were able to go ahead with their original dream of exchanging their vows in the sand surrounded by hanging vases of vibrant flowers with the azure sea lapping at their toes.

The setting was beyond romantic - Petals did a stunning job creating a circle of shepherds hooks, each carrying its own elegant glass vase hanging by chic black ribbons, and filled with hydrangeas, roses, gerberas and fragrant hyacinths. Rose petals marked the aisle and the two were enclosed in their own circle of love as they exchanged their vows.

Petals also designed Angelica's delightful bouquet, which added so much colour to the greyness of the day and that coupled with the cuteness of the couple made it seem as if the sun were shining brightly.

Kevin and Angelica had spoken of marriage many times so it wasn't that much of a surprise. She ended up hinting about what ring she wanted, and he ended up ordering it, though tried to keep it a secret, which wasn't that successful. Angelica loves surprises, but in this case, she was a bit too impatient and excited and was ready to call the company and ask why the ring hadn't arrive yet. Once he did propose, it was simple and sweet. He knelt down on one knee, held her hand and simply told her that she made him happy. He also asked her father permission to marry her before proposing since she and her dad are so close.

April at the Coral Beach Spa did the bride's hair - Angelica loved how easy she was to chat wtih and the entire time she did her hair, she made Angelica feel so much better, reassuring her that the weather would break and they wouldn't be stuck in the rain - she was right! Janea did Angelica's make up and was very helpful as Angelica doesn't usually wear make up so she simply said "Do what you think is best - I trust you." Luckily, Janea knew exactly what to do and the bride's make up is natural and lovely.

These two were utterly adorable. Both before and after the ceremony, when passers by spoke to them, they all commented on how young they were. The two are young, but not as young as they appear, but lucky them having such youthful looks!

Kevin's ring is simple, but tough. He is a chef, so they didn't want him to have something that might potentially get damages with a knife at work. It's made of tungsten, which is the strongest metal you can have a ring made from - so strong that will will not scratch, bend or break - ever! I loved that is was all black too - so masculine! In contrast, Angelica's ring is a simple and dainty platinum eternity band to match her sweet petite hands and fingers.

Due to all the rain, the temperatures had definitely dropped and poor Angelica was freezing so I loaned her my shawl for a bit to warm up.

Thank you Angelica and Kevin for being so relaxed about the weather and whatever options we threw at you. I am so thrilled your dream wedding was realised on the beach after all and thank you so much for asking me to document your sweet story. Best of luck in your future together. xxx

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jada & Douglas - Coral Beach Club, Bermuda Wedding

 Douglas and Jada had a dream wedding on a bright spring day at one of the most spectacular properties in Bermuda. The Coral Beach Club is full of old world romance and cottagey elegance, set against the vibrant backdrop of Bermuda's south shore. It was a day made in Heaven to match this couple made in Heaven - they are so lucky to have found each other and shared their incredible love with close family and friends at an intimate wedding on the island they love.

Jada's co-workers gave her this darling hanger saying "Mrs. Loutit".

The bride's romantic hair was styled by April and her make up was done by Jenae. both at Coral Beach.

Jada wore new pearl earrings from her father, and a borrowed pearl necklace. Her blue was a ribbon tied to her shoe, but I did notice she all had sweet blue knickers! Her something old was Douglas' grandmother's ring.


Suzan Sickling did the flowers for the ceremony and the reception.

This darling floral collar was made for their beloved pup, G (aka Gracie), and she wore it with pride for the wedding.

The wedding was held at Skerries at Coral Beach, and the sweet small garden over hanging the cliffs and ocean below was a dramatic and stunning backdrop.

Jada's ring was a diamond set eternity band while Douglas had a simple gold band, both of which were inscribed with their wedding date.





I fell madly in love with the shawl Jada popped on after the sun set and the temperatures cooled a little. Douglas' mum had given her a silver sixpence to wear in her shoe for good luck, but since she had wedges on for the grass ceremony, she tucked it into her bouquet instead.

The drinks reception was held on the beach terrace while the sun set.

This ship in a bottle is a replica of Douglas' family bot, Teaser, which is a green Bermuda 40. Jada had it made for Douglas as a wedding gift, complete with miniatures of herself, Douglas, and even little G in her canine life vest. It was the talk of the party and the most extraordinary work of art.

The elegant and intimate dinner was held in the beach terrace dining room, and it was lit by candles and was heady with the fragrance of the hyacinths.

Coral Beach made the elegant cake which incorporated Jada's favourite colours of coral and blue, which were also in all the flowers.


Thank you Jada and Douglas for asking me to be part of your sweet celebrations - I loved every moment and could tell you did too - wishing you a life full of bliss. xxx