Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gift Certificates

The four months leading up to Christmas are my busiest time. The wedding season has not yet finished, but suddenly, I also have family portrait sessions booked every day with clients keen to get an image asap to include in a Christmas card. What with going into hyper drive shooting on location, quickly processing sneak peeks for the blog to tide clients over, replying to more emails than I thought possible to exist in the whole of cyber space, processing regular images and attempting to fit in the creation of Collections, it is no wonder my family starts to think I am actually not family at all at this time of year.

While I would love it if all my fun sessions were more spread out over the course of the year, or at least the summer when the weather is more predictably glorious, and the seaweed has not yet descended on our shores, not everyone remembers to book so far ahead, and for some clients, the belly has not swelled enough, or the baby has not yet arrived, or they would like their very little babies to get a bit bigger so they will look as much like themselves when the holiday card actually goes out.

I still have a few families contacting me even now for shoots and while I cannot guarantee sneak peeks for the blog in time for them to get their holiday cards out (possible, but not guaranteed), I can still promise images to be printed and framed in time to go under the tree.

And if you are not able to organise a family shoot in time for the holidays, the next best thing is a gift certificate! Here are some samples so please do let me know if it appeals to you to slip one of my sessions in a pretty envelope from Santa this year.

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