Thursday, July 22, 2010

a holiday at last

 Ben and I have slipped off island for a wedding for 5 days - first holiday in a year so much needed and although rather short, do hope it will be sweet. Will be fun to be a guest at a wedding for once!

So thanks for your patience during this busy summer when I have been shooting so much have barely had a moment for processing, not to mention the kids and summer fun, but lots to share when things calm down and I can finally start catching up!

In the meantime, here are some pics of Indigo picking nasturtiums in her pwincess dwess!!!

Happy week!

S xx

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daniel & Andrea - Engagement session - Southlands

Daniel and Andrea met in London, a far cry from their home turfs of Bermuda and Toronto. And so when Daniel was ready to propose, he knew there was nowhere else in the world that he would ever pop the question except in the city where they first fell in love. Last August, the pair went on a trip to Paris and then London. On their first day in the UK, Daniel told Andrea he wanted to go see the Imperial War Museum, which was enough to convince Andrea she was not keen to spend the day with him. That evening, they dined at one of their favourite restaurants before taking a familiar walk down the streets where they used to live. Daniel insisted on snapping a photo in each spot they visited, starting with Andrea sitting on a sweet little bench in Fitzroy Square, a leafy square in Bloomsbury that sits right in between the two flats that the pair lived in when they first started dating. It was getting late and Andrea was keen to get back to the hotel, but Daniel led her back through all the memorable spots to the bench once more and said he wanted to take one more photo of his love before they left. But before he did, he said, "Wait a minute... something is missing from this photo..." and then he sat down beside her and pulled out the most beautiful ring Andrea had ever seen. Of course Andrea said yes, so he took one more photo, complete with ring, and they pair have promised each other to revisit their bench over the years as they grow old together and take pictures in that same spot where all their memory making first began.

The fact that having a camera was part of their proposal story is a clear indication of how important photos are to this couple.  This is why they opted to have not one, but two engagements sessions! The first part was shot in Southlands because the love birds had always been drawn to this amazing entrance of banyan trees ever since they first moved back to the Island four years ago. They feel there is no other place like it in Bermuda with its lush, mysterious atmosphere that is full of romance and intrigue.

Since Andrea and Daniel are getting married in Provence in September, and it was the region the first visited together as a couple, and because they love all things French, they decided to bring all those things to the shoot. And I am so glad they did - props make a shoot and they went all out and it was so worth it.

The reason Daniel said he was going to the Imperial Museum was because he knew that would be suitably boring enough to allow him to spend the day on his own. And instead of going to the museum, he went to Bond Street where he was collecting Andrea's ring. He had spent months looking for the perfect style to suit his bride but despite looking through countless magazines and in stores, the ring he knew was perfect for eluded him. He finally found it online and it was from a jeweler in Bond St - their special city. So the jewelers made up the ring and he collected it the day he proposed.

Couldn't decide between these two sets of diptychs - the above is processed in my regular way, and below in a Collection way - love both!

Daniel is planning the honeymoon after the wedding and Andrea doesn't know where they are going, despite the weekly teaser photos of the location that her fiance has been sending. She is aching to do some research to figure out where this magical place is but she has promised to keep it a surprise so instead, she waits in suspense for the next dreamy image to arrive and indeed, the holiday itself to be upon them.

I went crazy with all the details these two included in their shoot. It took a lot more time but I really feel like it is worth it and tells their story so much better than a simple stunning backdrop - it is the details that makes these images their own. The couple both work in insurance and don't feel like they get so much opportunity to be creative and artsy in their daily lives so this was totally out of the ordinary for them and made it all the more special. From the maps showing their wedding and honeymoon plans this autumn in France, to the books, sentimental trinkets from home and fave foods, I loved the whole shoot.

Andrea's ring is a modern interpretation of a cushion cut diamond and sits on four delicate diamond covered shoulders with pave stones around the band and a flower has been cut into the facets in the middle to give it a special sparkle. Andrea adores this detail as she loves flowers and still catches herself staring at it in awe - she loves it and feels so luck to have something so beautiful and all that it represents.

I absolutely adore this image below - it is just so intimate and full of fun and love. Adore!

And like these twin close ups too.

Had a tough time deciding which was better our of the two below.

Couldn't decide between these two either!

Daniel and Andrea - thank you so much for making it such a fabulous shoot - you really went all out with your props and it just made it so amazing - can't wait to share the next shoot! xx