Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Katherine

Chris and Sarah had been dreaming of Katherine for a long time. But she took her time coming and only after the couple had nearly given up, did Katherine decide her time to join their family had arrived. Sarah still can't believe she is theirs after trying for a baby for so long and this is what makes sweet Katherine even more perfect to the doting new parents.

I have to say, I am madly in love with shooting babies at this age. Katherine was almost 7 months for our shoot and full of smiles, all the while, staying put for picture perfect shots! I love love love it when clients come to my home studio, for the light is so divine and even though it may not offer Bermuda's stunning turquoise waters as a backdrop, I think the ideal lighting conditions for portraits make up for any lack in post card locations.

Although Katherine was not quite sitting up yet, her tumbles were graceful and only created more photo ops!

We had a few tears which later t
urned out to be due to an ear infection so I am impressed we coaxed so many giggles out of her when she was obviously in a bit of pain. Nothing a cuddle from Mummy couldn't cure though.

And of course, we had to shoot a few on my fave sofa of all time - could her outfit match more perfectly? I was thrilled when Sarah and Chris brought so many clothing options so that I could pick and choose which ones worked with which setting. And of course I loaned my gorgeous cream coloured pettiskirt with all its heavenly feathery layers.

Love this moment before she topples - her expression is priceless.

And over she goes again...

Ahhh - being propped up makes so much more sense - happy Katherine!

The cutest curled toes ever. Sarah thought that Katherine would be a rough little rugby playing tomboy, but the more she gets to know her baby, the more she realises they may have a little Princess on their hands - these toes sure look to me like they are ready to point into ballet slippers at any moment and certainly not spiked sneakers!

Can't you tell her Mummy and Daddy just want to gobble up their little love muffin?

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