Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smith Family

This amazing family gave this family shoot as a 60th birthday present to Vivienne (Grandma!). Grand dad is Ron and the two of them had moved to Bermuda before their sons, Dave and Ian were born. So after so many years on the island, and with such an impressive brood, the kids thought it was about time they commemorated their blessings with a proper photo session. It was a lovely summer's evening and the family were so happy to all be together. The children enjoyed the freedom of running around in the waves and playing in the sand and especially now that the family will not all be remaining in Bermuda, it makes these photos all the more special.

Ron and Viv are wonderful grand parents and are close and involved with each of their grand children.

Four year old Chloe is the eldest of the grand children. She spends a lot of time with her grand parents and has a very special bond with them.

Dylan is three and makes no secret of the fact that Grandma is one of his very favourite people.

Sweet baby Lanah is 5 months here and was named Lanah Vivienne after her grand mother. She was so full of smiles and I melted each time she scrunched up her nose and her half moon eyes almost shut with all that glee - delicious.

Ron and Viv were such fun and so full of life - such lucky kids and grand kids to have them.

 Ruth and Dave and Lanah have now moved back to the UK, which is where Ruth is from, and so these images of Bermuda's beaches will have all the more meaning as winter draws in.

 Ian and Sandel, who is Canadian, are lucky enough to still be in Bermuda raising Chloe and Dylan and still so close to Ron and Viv.

I imagine Ron and Viv are missing all Lanah's changes, but hopefully these photos will be a lovely reminder of their time together and a big pull to get Ruth and Dave back for a visit soon.

Brothers Dave and Ian had such fun watching the cousins together on the beach, reminding them of their own childhoods here on the Island.

I was so impressed with Grand dad Ron helping to blow Dylan's nose - such a sweetie.

To the whole Smith family - you are all so lucky to have each other and such a closeness - even though you are not all together in one place at the moment, that closeness does not go away and is beautiful to witness - thank you for sharing such a lovely afternoon with me and my cameras! xx