Monday, August 30, 2010

Introducing Baby Carla

You may recognise Darrin and Berinda from their maternity shoot at the beach. The new parents brought their sweet baby girl to my home where we did her first professional photo session, at less than two weeks old. She was a star the whole time, and slept when we needed her to, and then opened those pretty dark blue eyes on cue too. Carla is just a little angel and they are such a lovely family and made for great photo subjects.

I think this one below is just delicious - her pudgy cheeks and full floppy lips are to die for.

And her expression below is priceless, like she busted her mama and papa up to no good!

There is something about a daddy and his daughter...

What is it that makes a babe in a bowl just so divine?

This series is hilarious to me. For some reason, they look like they are boxing to me, and it almost tells a story of life in the ring. Too funny.

Take that, and that... think the monkey has the upper hand...

And you can just hear Carla crying "hey! you got me in the eye!!"

Obviously, she was playing fair, being the little angel that she is. She is just pure sweetness.

Congratulations Berinda and Darrin on Baby Carla - you all must be so happy. xxx

Monday, August 23, 2010

Andrews Family

Simon and Suzanne were engaged at the time of this shoot, but have since tied the knot in Canada. They live in Bermuda and are lucky enough to have Suzanne's mum, Judy, and her Oma, Helga, visit there here every year, this being Oma's sixth trip! Susanne's sister, Katherine, and her hubby, Matt, were convinced to come from Canada for a holiday too so that everyone could shower love on their delicious baby, Ben. Suzanne in particular was dying to see her sweet nephew whom she had not seen since December when he was a newborn.

Ben is the first grandchild in the family so he is completely adored. Everyone was thrilled that the four generations were all together at one time and so wanted to capture this special time in photographs. Luckily, Simon and Suzanne were given a gift certificate for the shoot from some friends as an engagement gift so it was perfect to have an opportunity with everyone together.

Suzanne were married on 14th August and apparently it was a gorgeous affair - congratulations you two!

The whole family will all attest to the fact that Katherine and Matt have obviously produced the cutest baby ever and as a result he is utterly loved up beyond belief!

I thought the nose biting thing was the most divine thing ever - I remember when Indigo used to do that to Ben and it just made my heart swoon to see another baby doing it.

And when the nose was removed, there was always the chin option - hilarious.

Then Auntie Suzie's cheek seemed like a good option as next up on the menu!

And of course Mummy's fingers are always tasty.

And when in doubt, just shovel the whole hand in the mouth for safe keeping.

Daddy wisely faced Ben outwards to avoid any further snacking!

So happy you all had such a lovely family reunion and hopefully it won't be too long until the next one. xx