Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hayley & James

When asked how to sum their union up, James and Hayley respond quite simply - "Happiness." They love that they make each other happy and are two peaceful souls.

Hayley's elegant dress was designed by Ana Hernandez, who believes that everyone looks better in ivory and, in Hayley's case, this was certainly evident. Jette at Strands did Hayley's hair, which was always a given since she has been Hayley's hairdresser for years and the bride would never have considered anyone else. Hayley was thrilled with the result.

It was a Sunday afternoon and James took Hayley by the hand and led her upstairs to the dreamy terrace off their brand new bedroom. They were finally moving into their recently completed dream home, built on a hillside overhanging fabulous fields filled with carrots, banana trees, and sunflowers. There on the terrace, with the dramatic backdrop of Harrington Sound and the rooftop of her maternal grandmother's house peeking through the trees behind her, James got down on one knee and presented Hayley with a ring. Of course, Hayley said yes and they promised to find the perfect table and chairs to place on the veranda where they could enjoy morning coffee, evening drinks, watch the sky change colour, and celebrate how lucky they are. They had planned on staying in this home that Hayley's father had designed, and they had helped to build, for the rest of their lives so James' romantic gesture of choosing their bedroom terrace to propose was not lost on Hayley. Having said that, as fate would have it, the pair are now moving to Colorado and so will have to put the dream of the table and chairs on their terrace on the back burner while they spend a few years enjoying the life out west. I am sure they will find an equally romantic spot overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

James found Hayley's beautiful ring in a little store in New York. He knew she loved anything old so he chose an Art Deco design.

Click on the below image to really see those incredible eyes up close!

The ceremony was held at Holy Trinity Church, which is rich in history for Hayley's family. Her parents and grandparents were married there and Hayley is the 20th woman in their direct family line to marry at this church. Hayley and her brother were both Christened there. Her grandparents on her father's side are buried there, and Hayley's late paternal grandmother loved doing the flowers and singing in the choir there. This really is a family church.

Above left, are Hayley's parents walking out of Holy Trinity Church on 15th August, 1973. The church front is barely recognisable in the picture of Hayley and James walking out in the exact same spot on 20th June 2009, but you can see the same plaque on the left of the arch. Click on the diptychs to see them larger.

Flowers were by Julie Mayor at Just Roses. Hayley was so thrilled with her bouquet, saying that not only was it more beautiful than she could have imagined, but also how funny it was that the flowers were more important to her than the dress, and I totally agree that you cannot have a bride without fabulous fresh flowers.

36 years earlier, Hayley's parents took this same stroll from the Church back to their wedding reception at Hayley's grandmother's house. The sense of history repeating itself was important, so Hayley and James were keen to capture a similar wedding day portrait on the steps of her grandmother's home.

I love the way both Hayley and her mum are looking away from the camera and laughing, while both James and Hayley's dad are looking straight into the lens with their serious expressions - such parallels and such fun! I wonder if Hayley's father was as unimpressed with having his photograph taken as was James, but he put up with me getting embarrassingly excited about how beautiful and fabulous they were, so hopefully I was able to capture some of the magic of the day.

Have you ever seen such a waist? Straight out of Gone with the Wind! I asked Hayley her measurements and she demurely said she would let me know when she found a tape measure, which of course she never found.

I went a bit nuts on the cake shots, but I adore all that texture in the gold and silver leaf and the lighting was beautiful. James and Hayley went for traditional Bermudian wedding cakes, with the groom's a gold leaf covered pound cake, and a sweet cedar branch in a mini vase at the base of the cake, while the bride's silver leafed cake had two tiers in the traditional fruit cake, with a twist thrown in for the top tier which was made of chocolate. Allison Simmons of Ariel's, a home bakery, made both cakes. Donna Lindo of Class Act Designs supplied all the amazing lighting in the tent and also the darling dangly ones in all the trees around the property that were so cool for as soon as the sun went down, they lit up - eco ones at that!

This beautifully crocheted handkerchief was Hayley's 'something old' and she had it pinned around the bouquet's stems. Her mum had it saved it along with a note in Hayley's late grandmother's handwriting saying "Handkerchief worn by my mother on her wedding day - October 9, 1895." It was so delicately made that Hayley had to be very careful with it and James laughed to see once again how sentimental his bride was, since as a family, they seem to save everything.

To see more images from this utterly divine wedding, click here. Heart breaking song, What A Feeling, written and performed by Heather Nova.

James and Hayley - thank you for asking me to be a part of your amazing day. You are both so special and I was honoured to be there. Happy trails in your new life together and don't forget Bermuda is always here for when you return.