Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lucille & Matthew - Engagement Session

Lucille and Matthew are fabulous. There is no other way to describe them. They are not only the perfect combination of fun, humble and beautiful (more inside than outside if that is possible) but they also have such an adorable affection for each other that they were just a joy to photograph. I will be shooting their wedding next year, and I was thrilled when they decided to do an engagement shoot. First of all, it was a perfect way for me to get to know them and for them to see how I work. They were so happy they did the shoot for they were rather shy at first and so were glad they got rid of that nervousness about being in front of the camera before their wedding day. I also love doing these kind of lifestyle shoots as it really is a better capture of them as a couple. They were in their regular clothes and did regular things that they love doing. It was a perfect encapsulation of their life and their love.

I met the love birds at their adorable home and they did one of their favourite things - they shared a bottle of wine (not the whole thing on our shoot mind you!). After visiting Florence with Lucie's family last Christmas, the pair really enjoyed old world red wines. However, since moving back to the Island, Lucille and Matt are diving head first into new world reds as the choice is that much greater. So most nights, the newly engaged couple are and canoodled together on their charming terrace dreaming of their life ahead, so this was the perfect way to start our shoot.

Matt and Lucie met in 2004 in Boston, and then dated for 2 years long distance before Lucie finally moved to Chicago to live with Matt. They couple lived in the windy city for over 2 years which was a great time for Lucie to grow close Matt's family. Matt was offered a job in Bermuda through his firm which the couple jumped at and Lucie took a job doing graphic design. This was the perfect opportunity for Matt to now live on the Island where Lucie grew up and to get to know Lucie's family well too. The newly engaged couple moved to Bermuda this past September and are settling in well and are starting to plan their wedding for next September.

Matt proposed to Lucille on their last night in their Chicago apartment. Lucie had been busy all week trying to pack up their belongings for the move to Bermuda while Matt was sneaking around with his sister shopping for the perfect ring. He told Lucie he would take her to their favourite restaurant before making the final walk through and leaving their apartment forever. Before dinner, the two were sitting in their empty bedroom reminiscing about their time together in Chicago. While Lucie was looking out the window, Matt slipped down on his knee and popped the question. After a few tears, Lucie was finally able to give Matt the answer he was looking for.

Matt's sister, who was married just this past weekend, would flip through her own wedding magazines with Lucille and secretly fish for what Lucie liked in rings. Matt used to sneak out of work at lunch times to meet his sister in Chicago's diamond district. The decision came down to two diamonds for the centre, and after sleeping on it for a couple days, it was obvious to Matt that the perfect stone was the cushion cut diamond. Matt's custom designed setting positioned this gorgeous centre stone between two pear shaped side stones fits Lucille's classic yet modern style to a tee.

I have been carrying around this divine magnifying glass in my camera bag for years, but never remembered to bring it out as weddings are often so hectic with tight time lines. But on this shoot, it was so relaxed and was easy to shoot the details I always bring along. Lucille said it was hilarious that I wanted to make the ring look even bigger than it already was with my magnifying glass, for when her mother first saw the ring, she screamed "You must turn that around on the subway or the bus, or anywhere! You can see it from a mile away!"

The other reason I love doing shoots at people's homes is that I can raid their house for knick knacks to use on the shoot. I found these charms hanging in their kitchen and thought they were ideal for capturing the feel of the couple.

After the wine on their terrace, we walked up to Verdmont, a National Trust museum. I adored this historical house and property as a backdrop, especially since I had not shot there in years and it is always great for inspiration to go somewhere new. Vermont represents Bermuda in an unexpected way. Since the couple are planning on having their wedding photos primarily on the beach, they wanted to show Bermuda off in a different light for their engagement pictures. The old fashioned yet classic Bermuda feeling that Verdmont has was just the sort of romantic vibe the lovers wanted to get across and I agree - such a dreamy setting. Not to mention the fact that Lucie had fond memories of the museum from her childhood, and with the museum being just a stone's throw away from their apartment, I am sure the couple will share many happy times there in the future.

Simply put, Lucille and Matthew each make the other a better person. Lucille's type A personality is totally opposite, and completely complementary to Matt's laid back go with the flow nature. As Lucie says, they balance the good and the bad (hard to believe there is any!) in each other and even more beautifully said, "our souls align".

Lucille and Matthew - thank you both so much for being so wonderfully open to all my ideas on your shoot - it was such fun to capture your love and I can't wait for next year when we get to do it all again.

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