Friday, September 27, 2013

Owen & Koshea Maternity

Koshea and Owen want their son's life to be filled with art and music, since these are their great passions. The parents-to-be really went to town on making the shoot have meaning for the two of them and expressing their fun and artistic personalities. I was in heaven. Owen used to play the violine and Koshea the cello. Although she sadly sold her instrument years ago, she was able to borrow one for the shoot. Koshea also used to be a dancer - well I suppose you never stop being a dancer, but she used to dance all the time, whereas now, she has other things on her plate - like mamahood!

Koshea painted her old toe shoes black to keep the image of the shoot and included her old worn tap shoes too - so fun.

And best bit was we booked the session the day before we handed the keys for our old house over so the house was completely empty and we were able to shoot in my favourite room in the house. Part of me wishes I had simply left that room empty the whole time we lived there so that I could have used it for shoots, but then we wouldn't have had a living room or all the amazing memories we made there, but when you see it empty like this, just makes you realise what an incredible room it is and I am so glad these two were able to allow me to close that chapter of my life in the same way I had opened it.

This is obviously a mistake but I have to say, I think it is one of my faves!!

Koshea and Owen - thank you so much for putting so much thought into the shoot - it really all came together and I am so smitten with every image - hope I didn't overwhelm you! Much love to you both with the new baby! So glad you took the time to do this before he came! xx

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lee & Vanessa - Engagement Session, Bermuda

Lee moved to Bermuda from Vancouver to escape the rain and enjoy island life. Little did he know he would find more than just sunshine in his life. Lee found the love of his life. And he found her before she found him. Lee saw Vanessa at a social gathering and said to himself, "I need to meet that girl." It wasn't until Canada at Warwick Long Bay last year that he finally worked up the courage to speak to her. Lee sat down next to Vanessa and told her exactly how he felt. She laughed, but before then had time to chat long, she had to leave. The next time they met was at a bonfire and the sparks between the two were far outshining the flames of the fire. The rest was history, for they fall madly in love and not long after, Lee popped the question on Vanessa's birthday.

Lee and Vanessa are getting married in Canada next summer, in the place where they had their first holiday together. It will be a lakeside ceremony with towering mountains as the backdrop. The theme will be very rustic and bohemian so the couple decided for their engagement session, they wanted the same shabby chic feel for the photos. They added the teepee as a prop because Lee's ancestry is First Nations so they liked the idea of including some heritage. The pair adore going to Spital Pond for walks with their dog and just spending time together and since the park has a similar feel to where they will marry, they thought it would be the ideal location.

Not only did Lee make the tee pee, they also made the sweet signage. How adorable to receive one of these images in the post letting you know a wedding is planned! And lucky me, they gave me the tee pee to use in future shoots!!

The night Lee proposed, the couple had gone out to dinner at Waterlot to celebrate Vanessa's birthday.. The had returned home to their apartment and Lee attached the ring onto their dog's collar. When Vanessa discovered the ring, Lee slipped down onto one knee and professed his love for her, and of course, she said yes!

The couple love the ocean, fishing, swimming, boating, paddle boarding and anything out doorsy. They also adore football, travel and taking their sweet pup in adventurous walks to places like Ariel Sands and Spital Pond.

Lee and Vanessa - I am so smitten with these images of the two of you - you are so cute together and really put in such an effort to make this shoot fabulous, from the wardrobe to the props and the glorious colour palette - these images are just divine and it is because you two are so utterly fabulous - thank you so much for such a fun afternoon! xxx