Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Joann & Nico - Bermuda Wedding

Joann and Nico were married on a Royal Caribbean cruise with 29 of their family and friends in attendance. The intro music was The Muppet Show theme song which was played on a hammer dulcimer and the exit song was Mahna Mahna by Cake which gives an indication of how fun and quirky these two are. I met them at the ferry terminal not long after they had tied the knot and we went on an adventure to try to capture their individuality, their happy wedding day memories, and of course, their love, using the spectacular backdrops only Bermuda can offer. 

Joann and Nico had seen my work on my blog so trusted me to pick the shoot locations. Since Jo kept referring to Nic as her "Monkey Boy" and told me how he loved to climb trees, I had to take the newlyweds to my fave place on the island at Southlands.

I adored these two even before I met them, for like us, they have four cats, and when they filled out their questionnaire so I could get to know a bit more about them to help make the shoot special, under favourite things in their home, they each wrote their cats, so as you can imagine, I was smitten immediately!

These two were so playful and creative, most of the time, I just had to capture them having fun on their own and didn't do a thing!

Joann's dress design was Desirae, designed by Maggie Sottero, and her veil was found at David's Bridal.

Nico was amazing the way he kept going higher and higher into the trees - such a fun thing to do all decked out on your wedding day!

The bride's shoes were Mindy by Touch Ups, and her sweet anklet wsa found on ebay by J & K Designs, and it played the role of her something blue.

The couple found Nico's Titanium and yellow gold ring on a Carnival Cruise to Grand Cayman in 2007. He doesn't wear rings, but when they were in the gift shop, he said he liked it and when he tried it on, it fit perfectly so they bought it immediately, just in case! Joann had always wanted a cushion cut diamond which they call a "scround" (square round) and found an antique inspired design with pave diamonds in while gold with the wedding band that nested into a perfect fit. Joann tells me she thinks the wedding band looks like the Cheshire Cat's smile, which is as sweet image, to think your ring has a perma-grin at the thought of the marriage bond between herself and Nico.

Joanne's something old was this gorgeous ring from Nic's great grand mother.

There was something about the way Nico held his hands that I adored - body language is such an interesting thing - so distinct and you can often recognise the movements of someone before you see their faces - love that!

The bride's earrings and bracelet were by Nadri Propeller Designs and her headband was her something borrowed. Her cousin had just gotten married the year before and his wife had worn it and loaned it to Joann for her special day.

The beach was a must for the couple so we took a few photos on the way down to the sands as I always love the paths and greenery in contrast to the rocks, sands and ocean.

Doesn't Nico look a bit like Hugh Laurie from "House". Didn't notice it on the day as he is very much his own person, but as I was processing, I saw it and then I couldn't stop looking at him - so fun!

Joann's hair was done on the cruise ship and was just as she had hoped, and she cleverly did her make up all on her own.

The whole point of this session was to eventually "trash the dress" so we started with a little dress wetting early on - how dreamy does it look with the water all around her dress?

Nico and Joann work together at a Renaissance Festival in Maryland as well as do naval and pirate re-enactments so they wanted to capture some of their working relationship on the shoot.

Nothing like a little swim on your wedding day, in your wedding clothes!

Joann's dress started to weigh a tonne, so they decided to take it off!

At the Maryland Renaissance Festival where the couple work, they wear authentic costumes and sell wares which were typical of the times. Nico's favourite item at home is his work bench as that is where he creates things, including these incredible mugs which he made out of wood and carved. He also makes leather pouches and the tops of the mugs and the couple sell the items at the Festival.

As we were heading home, we passed these glorious fennel plants blooming so had to sneak a few last photos there.

Joanne and Nico - I had such a blast with you - I loved having the time to be so creative, to listen to the two of you and your funny banter, to go from beautiful place to place capturing your love and excitement on such a special day. Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding day and all your ideas - you two are great and I hope one day to come to see you at your festival! xxxx