Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A few more sneak peeks

I am thouroughly far behind and with the kids off school, and shooting all the time in these popular summer months, the editing is pushed back. But had to sneak out a couple more from these recent events - so many more from each shoot, but a few faves are shared here to tide them over.

Marissa and Jason are getting married at Tucker's Point next summer, but came down for a walk through and planning visit so they thought it was the perfect opportunity to have an engagement session, which I love as it gives me a chance to get to know the couple before the big day. I threw out some ideas and they adored the one with the row boat as they are big into fishing at home. Tucker's Point Dive shop kindly helped us out and I brought the props and they had a romantic afternoon together. We took loads around the property too but these were my faves so just had to share.

Nicole and Nick came in on a ship and had a dreamy ceremony at Jobson's Cove under a billowy pagoda. These two were so young and so in love, it almost made my heart ache for remembering it all myself. Narrowing down my faves was so impossible and can't wait to do the full blog post when I get caught up!

 Thanking everyone once again for your patience and am getting through everything slowly but surely. xxx

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's in Store

I have just returned from holiday in France and England and have not posted in an age. I had a nervous peek at my stat counter and was mortified and guilt ridden to see how high the daily hits were - either I am very popular and people who are into photography don't give up, even when I don't post for almost a month, or my pending weddings' couples and all their guests have been checking every day in the hopes that it might be their event featured next. I knew that it would take me an eternity to work on each one of them properly with all the details and story line, so instead, I have just rush processed a few from each beautiful event - think of it as a wee sneak peek to tide each newly wed over. I know it is not much and I agonised trying to narrow down since there was so much from each gorgeous marriage, but here are some snippets of each of your days. Enjoy! xx

Kylie and Adam had a dream wedding at The Reefs, surrounded by family and friends who had flown in for their destination wedding from all over.

I was so smitten with Tiffany and Camille's twin boys that I almost forgot the couple. Although the sun did not shine for this darling family on the Fairmont Southampton Beach, their happiness and love lit up the day like fireworks.

Tammy and Josh were so patient with me in getting the fun shots around the Reefs property. Tammy's face lit up like a Hollywood movie star when she smiled and Josh's understated ways were nothing short of sexy!!

 Joanne and Nico were married earlier that day on a visiting ship, but we met up and traveled around the island to get some amazing shots, from Southlands to several beaches. Although I wanted to include the greenery ones too, I simply couldn't resist these trash-the-dress ones from the end of the session.

I have known Brian for more than half my life and I nearly fell off my chair when I met his gorgeous bride. They planned their Tuckers Point wedding on his birthday and the overwhelming love and ternderness shared between these two, and the kids, made my heart melt.

Dashing off now to shoot another wedding! The summer is filled with so much shooting, I barely get anytime to process - if you are waiting for photos, I am working as fast as I can but please, if you email, I only have to take time out from working on photos to answer so better to check the blog and your pics will be with you soon! Thanks so so much for understanding xxxx

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dawn & Mark Wedding - Tucker's Point, Bermuda

Dawn and Mark had a chance meeting on 72nd street and it was this very site of their first encounter that Mark planned to pop the question to the love of his life. But loads of construction and a huge tourist bus unlading led him to his back up plan, and he led Dawn into his old apartment building on the same street. He proceeded to take off his hat and asked her to fix his hair before he requested she look in his back pack for a bottle of water. He'd hoped she would stumble upon a ring, but no luck, so next he asked her to find the gum. Still no luck but eventually she found the ring and although it was not exactly as Mark had planned it, the event was still romantic and perfect. And so was the same for their wedding day. The couple had dreamed of a Bermuda beach wedding. Mark chose Bermuda and Dawn picked Tucker's Point. Although scattered showers and high tides foiled their plans to tie the knot in the sand with the waves lapping close by, the elements could do nothing to spoil the elated spirits of this glam couple. The back up option was just as dreamy and romantic and Mark and Dawn created their day exactly as they wanted it, even in the Plan B, which made it so very special.

When I arrived at Dawn's room, I was thrilled to see all the family and friends relaxed and making a toast with some champagne. It makes such a difference when everyone has their hair and make up completed in plenty of time as the atmosphere is relaxed and fun and there is no pressure.

The bride's stunning gown was an Elizabeth Filmore design, whom Dawn had the pleasure of working with directly to create the perfect dress. It was made in New York in the designer's show room with the exception of the Chantilly lace which was made in a French mill exclusively for Elizabeth.

Dawn's something blue was the most darling blue heart jewel that they pinned to her Hanky Pankies which she also classed as her old as they are her faves. New were her dress and shoes, and borrowed were her mother's earrings.

I loved this idea - it was their on the day emergency pack and included everything from a sweing kit (including scissors to cut the hanger ribbons) and glue stickers to adhere the dainty Chantilly lace flowers to Dawn's skin so they sat perfectly.

One last glance in the mirror before going to see her groom!

Dawn and Mark opted to do a First Look before the ceremony. This is such a great idea, especially for destination weddings or when many friends and family have come a long way and there is not a lot of time to see everyone. This way, the couple can do all the couple and group shots before the service and they have an extra hour at the reception to mingle and have fun! We always choose a private spot where the couple can share this intimate moment together. That moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time seems intensified when it is just the two of them, for all they need to do is focus on each other and can actually speak about their feelings rather than having to remain silent and wait until the end of the ceremony in a traditional wedding. Not to mention, the original reason to not see each other before the wedding was bad luck because back then, the couple had often not met before so those doing the arranging wanted to do everything in their power to make sure the match actually happened. From not seeing each other before hand, to veils hiding the face until after the vows had been said, there was a reason for all our traditions!

It actually started sprinkling again just as we were ready to do the photos but Tucker's Point is a great location for indoor nooks as well as outdoor ones.

Dawn and Mark were even such troupers for the right shot and even came outside into the light rain so I can capture them through the fountain.

Vernon from Strands did the bride's hair and Dawn did her own make up with a little help from Kim who also works at Strands.

Petal's did the bouquet and all the ceremony and reception flowers. "Orchids by the Sea" was the theme the bride was going for and the fresh Cymbidium orchids were the ideal choice.

How divine are Dawn's Jimmy Choo strappy sparkly platforms?

I am sort of swooning over these images above and below - how divine is this couple? Love them.

We slipped onto the terrace off the hotel lobby for a couple outdoor shots to show the incredible view. I know it is grey but you can still see what a stunning location this hotel offers.

Along with the "Orchids by the Sea" theme, Dawn had asked her girls to think about a jewel toned palette and the result was sumptuous and rich.

I do so adore a big flower girls / ring boys party. There is something about children in a wedding party that adds romance. Of course their behaviour is always unpredictable and the often feel the pressure but don't understand what is expected of them, but even their unplanned reactions are darling and the best photo ops!

Due to the weather, we were forced to do all the photos inside but the good thing was that as a result of everyone being in one location and not needing to move around too much, we had some breathing space before the ceremony began. So some of the participants in the service took the time to review their notes for their readings.

Even Dawn took a quiet moment to herself to go over her personalised vows.

Due to the rains and unpredictable high tides, the ceremony site was moved from the original plan at the Tucker's Point Beach, up to their croquet lawn at the main hotel. But as far as Plan Bs go, this back up plan for the ceremony venue was pretty spectacular. Of course it was a shame that we had to do all the photos of the family and friends and even the couple inside, but the rains ceased just in time for the ceremony start and the grand backdrop of all those royal palms is dramatic and romantic.

I have to say, I adore doing weddings with Bermuda Bride. Nikki Begg is great to work with and she is such a Type A personality that everything runs so smoothly that it makes my job so easy. And their affiliate, Elements, has the most gorgeous wedding rental details, like this delicious chandelier crystal curtain. Of course, I am sure there is a lovely official word to describe it much better than I just did, but you know what I mean! Isn't it so glam?

I almost wanted it to sprinkle just a hint during the service, for I though the image of all the guests under these elegant white umbrellas would have been fabulous. But of course, my equipment and indeed the bride and groom and extremely thankful that did not happen!

Jonathan of Summit Video Productions is always a friendly face to see and his energy and way about him is so open hearted and easy going that I love working on an event with him.

Steve Crawford of the Bermuda School of Music plays the most beautiful classical guitar.

See what I mean about the old world feel of these little love bugs - I just adore adore their outfits and expressions.

The first little flower girl was the perfect age to take her job very seriously. She kept her head down and focused on the task at hand. And then came the wee one who, when she saw all the petals on the ground, thought it a travesty and started picking them up and putting them into her own basket of petals. I just loved the image of her walking back up the aisle in the wrong direction collecting as many petals as she could - heaven.

Finally she was encouraged to leave them and come down to the altar which she did but not releasing a single flower from her grasp. Once she was seated, I had to secretly sneak away her basket and sprinkle the flowers along the aisle. Can you believe those ringlets?

One of the things I loved about this wedding was how involved so many family and friends were in the ceremony. And the readings were spectacular and wished I had know about them when I got married - just so spot on.

The other think I loved is that they each wrote their own vows which made is so personalised to them and their relationship and what marriage and love meant to them.

Please forgive how many kiss photos I have included - I was kinda swooning behind my camera and barely thinking about composition and the like as I was just so smitten with the intensity of that kiss.

After the service, while the guests headed to the cocktail reception, we stayed back for just a few moments to capture some outdoor love.

The reception site had to be moved from the Beach Club to the

This table was set up for guests to create pages for a scrap book with the photo that came out of the photo booth they had hired for their event. The pair didn't realise the photo booth images were not instant so it didn't quite turn out as planned, but as we have seen from this inventive pair, they are very flexible and their back up plans are always fabulous. So one of Dawn's childhood friends is going to match the photos to the art and put together the darling book anyway and it will be better than the original plan for sure!


Dawn and Mark named their tables after a few of their favourite places and things.

How darling is their own little private dining table where they can have a romantic dinner but look out over all their loved ones having a great time - so cute.

Isn't this cake topper so cute? Dawn found it online and it is so them with an element of glam and sweeping off your feet romance.

Ok - not only was this little guy the cutest ring bearer ever (ok, well tied with the other little ring bearer), but he was also the best dancer I have ever seen in any kid. Watch that face for he is so going to be on one of those discovering talent shows (sorry - don't have a tv so not sure of all the names but you know what I mean!).

These two chose Stand By Me as their first song and they danced so well together - not sure if they took lessons, practiced a tonne, or were just naturally fabulous, but no matter, they were incredible to watch.

Dearest Dawn and Mark - I loved your wedding and indeed the two of you. Thank you for inviting me to capture such a joyous time in your lives - you were so relaxed about the weather and the changes that I know you will be able to face anything in your future together! Lots of love to you both! xxxx