Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sadeh Family Maternity Session

Alisa was nervous about her maternity session, but she believed her third pregnancy would be her last and wanted to capture this amazing time with her two daughters. She said she did not like being in front of the camera, and that her husband did not want to be in the photos at all. But when we talked about how the family photos were not just for Alisa and Nir, but also for their children and grand children, Nir finally agreed to be photographed. And in the end, I think he actually had fun - I know the girls did, and as a result, we created some beautiful, tangible memories for the family and their future generations.

Baby Annika in the belly and out!

I shot Gillian's maternity session at my home studio on the antique sofas, against the black backdrop, and on my dreamy bed. Then, a few weeks later, they came back with newborn Baby Annika, so we had such fun trying to recreate some similar moments we captured while the little one was still in the belly, now that she was out. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Vanessa & Mark Pickering Maternity Session

I had photographed Vanessa and Mark's wedding a few years back so I was touched when they asked if I would capture the next major event in their lives with some maternity images. They are such a relaxed couple and were up for anything so we ended up with some beautiful shots.

Michelle Lerner & Rob Carlson Wedding

Rob and Michelle were married on the Marina Terrace at the Lido complex at the Elbow Beach Resort on 15th November, 2008. Their ceremony was an unusual combination of elegant and eccentric and they were one of the hippest couples I have ever shot. From walking down the aisle to the Star Wars theme song to the star like quality of the couple and their guests, the whole event was a destination wedding dream.

They wrote their own vows and mentioned each others ears so loved this shot.

It is rare the tides and sands are just right to get this sort of reflection.

Loved her distinctive body language. So signature.