Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pink Splurge

This group of fabulous women were a hoot. Most of them moved to Bermuda in the autumn of 2005 and a couple others they met along the way. Years ago, they started a Splurge group. The idea was that one person had a party each month and all the girls threw some money in a pot and whomever won the loot was supposed to splurge on herself, and then host the soiree the following month. The group soon realised that the best bit was not winning the cash prize, but rather the fun they had going out all together and having crazy girls nights each month.

The theme for their very first Splurge party was "pink puffs" and everyone wore pink. This stuck and four years later, it is still their colour so they thought it would be fun to sport pink for part of their shoot.

There have been a variety of crazy nights out including a trip to Las Vegas, and a few of the girls have come and gone, but one constant the group has always had is the Hog Penny, and its star performer, Will Black. No matter what the plan is, they always somehow end up there, dancing up a storm. After four years, the group decided it would be fun to have some photos of them all together that were not taken inside the Hog Penny. A shoot at the beach seemed like it would be a wonderful memory of their times in Bermuda.

The girls also decided to have jewel toned dresses for part of their shoot as they had once, totally randomly, all worn rich shades of blues, purples and greens to dinner one night and decided it looked pretty good so they thought it would look amazing on the beach.

The group said one of the things they often do is all huddle together to share a secret and since what I like to do is capture life, we decided we should recreate a typical scene! While I was lying on the ground shooting this image, I saw through the girls legs this guy walking towards us. I was mortified to imagine what he thought we were doing, especially since I assumed he must be some yogi recluse type wandering the sand dunes behind the beach by himself.

It turned out to be their favourite entertainer, Will Black. I couldn't believe the coincidence, until they admitted that they were all so upset at the news of Will's imminent departure (his last show is on New Year's Eve) so after a few drinks in the Hog Penny the night before our shoot, Jenny and Angela thought it would be a good idea to invite him along. They say that he has been almost as big a part of Splurge as any of them.

After we released Will from his modeling duties, the girls decided that a little champagne was in order, since that is what they do - celebrate life.

I loved all their signature jewelry that they were wearing so captured some details of that too...

Thanks to all seven of you Splurging Pink Puffs - it was a fun and funky shoot and hopefully will make for some special memories for each of you.

Friday, December 25, 2009

On Christmas Morn...

I barely slept a wink at all last night as I was so excited for the kids' reactions to all that awaited them on Christmas Day. I heard Oslo awaken at about 6ish and by 6:30, he hadn't been able to go back to sleep and simply couldn't wait for Indigo any longer so he and I finally came into the living room to see if Santa had come during the night. Oslo was in awe that not only had he come while we were all sleeping, but he had left massive, messy sooty boot prints all around the fire place and even brought his reindeer inside to feast on the carrots while he scoffed the ginger bread house that Oslo had made him, and devoured most the the candies left in the homemade sleighs. No wonder Santa is so plump thought Oslo!

We couldn't believe how massive Santa's boot prints were.

When Indigo finally stirred, Oslo couldn't wait to show his sister all she had missed. He pointed out the boot and hoof prints and the left over food and explained that even the reindeer had come down the chimney. She took all this evidence as totally normal and not at all out of the ordinary.

First Oslo gave her the pressie that had been to big to fit in the stocking.

Next he gave Indigo her stocking and then they both sat down to see what goodies lay within.

After they had played with their toys a little longer, we settled them into the daybed and put a movie on and I finally went to get some much needed sleep. I was delerious, but at least I had been able to enjoy their infectious happiness and remember my own amazing memories while hopefully making some special ones for these two as well. Merry Christmas everyone. xoxo