Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cathy & Steve's Wedding

Cathy and Steve tied the knot on the 25th October 2008. The weather that day was nothing short of dramatic, with a cheeky breeze, starting with clear skies which were then spilled over with rich cloud formations making for a breathtaking backdrop as the two sealed their love with some heart felt vows. The mood of the friends and family who surrounded the pair on the Tucker's Point Club beach was as intense as the weather and I felt honoured to have witnessed such an emotional ceremony.

Cathy and Steve planned a private meeting before their ceremony so they could enjoy that first look alone together, and have some time to talk about how they felt in those moments before they said their wedding. It also gave us a chance to get the time consuming group shots out of the way, so the pair could enjoy as much time as possible at their reception, where friends had come from all over the globe.

This little one stole the show!

We decided to sneak down to the beach after the ceremony so Cathy and Steve could enjoy their first moments as man and wife together alone (I tried to use my my telephoto as much as possible to give them the privacy they needed!)

A friend had suggested that Cathy and Steve step away from their reception at some point during the evening to watch from afar as their guests enjoyed the party. This way, they were able to see the scene just as they had imagined in the planning stages, rather than simply enjoying the reception in the thick of it. I followed the two to the other side of the pool and think it was not only special for them to see their wedding reception from this angle, but also the image of them watching is beautiful too.

To see more images from this fantastic wedding, click here for the slideshow, set to Motherland by Heather Nova.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarah & Steve Wedding

Sarah and Steve obviously made whoever is in charge of weather very happy at some point along the way for their wedding day was the kind you dream about. There were cloudless skies, dreamy sunset light, and they were a hip couple who were up for anything which helped. Here are a few of my faves.