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Bermuda Wedding - The Reefs: Lisa & Perry

Lisa says she is the luckiest woman alive. She has found a wonderful man to share her life with - Perry is Lisa's rock and her love and she knows she can count on him... in good times, and in bad. And Lisa has two beautiful healthy daughters who continue to be the light in her life that shines brighter with each passing day. She says life couldn't be better, and with the wedding that Perry and Lisa had to top it off, I think she could be right.

Lisa stumbled on her old Hollywood style dress, by Something Blue, at a sweet wedding shop in Maine called Pure Bliss. Given this was Lisa's second marriage, she did not want her gown to have a train, but still, she wanted to look like a bride. Tgus dress was perfectly simple and elegant.

Lisa wore a pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace that was designed by the Hagen Gallery.

Lisa's daughters, Katie and Jenna, wore Bahama Breese coloured dresses by B2. The girls found their jewelry at Bountiful Baskets in Newbury, Ma.

Lisa and the girls found their lovely flower hair pieces at Pure Bliss.

Marguerite from Petals designed the flowers. The bride absolutely adored her bouquet and cannot speak highly enough about Marguerite, whom she asked to recommend which flowers for her girls after sending an email of the bridesmaids' dresses. Lisa was thrilled with the creative choice of the lime green cymbidium orchids, which were stunning against the turquoise dresses.

Hair was done by Bobbi at the Fairmont Southampton and the style withstood the windy conditions beautifully. Lisa's eldest daughter, Katie, did all the makeup.

Perry adored the tropical feel of his boutonniere as well.

Lisa's engagement and wedding rings were found at Helzberg Diamonds, and Perry's platinum rope design was from Barmakian Jewelers, both in Nashua, NH.

The Reefs was recommended to Perry and Lisa by some close friends who were married in Bermuda back in September, 2003. That was the year that Hurricane Fabian hit the Island and caused total devastation. Ben and I moved back to Bermuda from London the week after the storm and I barely recognised my home. Lisa and Perry's friends were married the day after that hurricane at The Reefs and only one of their guests could fly into Bermuda for the event. Some hotel guests, with whom they had been barricaded indoors with throughout the storm, stood up for the couple during the ceremony. And despite the Island looking like it had been burned brown by a forest fire, and the entire of the cliff side setting of Caso's Point being swept away by the storm surge, these friends insisted that Bermuda, and in particular The Reefs, was the perfect location for a destination wedding. Perry and Lisa that if it was perfect during a hurricane, they couldn't go wrong and the pair did not regret their choice. They loved every moment of their time at the Reefs, and their wedding planner, Kathleen Dodwell of Event Solutions, was wonderful and paid attention to every detail, bringing a calming and reassuring presence to the day.

The wedding proposal was a bit of a family event. Perry proposed to Lisa on Christmas day of 2007 with her daughters present. Perry wanted to ensure that the girls knew that they were an important part of this new phase in their lives and were included from the beginning. Katie cried with joy and then proceeded to call her best friend, while Jenna's eyes were wide with surprise and excitement. It was a memorable Christmas and Lisa is grateful Perry is such a good cook, for she was in such a daze after he had popped the question that she could not concentrate at all on the making of Christmas dinner.

The wedding so far away from home was bitter sweet in that her mum, who is disabled, was unable to come but was there in Lisa's heart. As was Lisa's dad, who passed six years ago, who Lisa knows was there in spirit in the form of a rainbow off Caso's Point. This last year, Lisa's sister-in-law, Kim, was diagnosed with breast cancer and her lovely niece, Bre, had a very serious illness that lasted from the spring until now. Lisa was crushed that such close loved ones could not be there to celebrate her special day, but she is so thrilled that both women continue to make such good progress. Lisa says she is inspired by their spirit and strength and hopeful that they will all make it back to Bermuda one day, for she knows they would love it.

Kathleen recommended gifts from "A Favour From Allison". They newlyweds gave each guest a miniature bottle of Bermuda Black Seal rum as well as a vile of pink Bermuda sand, and it was all beautifully packaged in boxes and ribbons that matched the wedding colours.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of my best friend since first grade! We were thrilled to be able to be in Bermuda with Lisa and Perry, and we can't wait to see more pictures!
    Deb and Jim


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