Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indigo Twinkle Toes

Sweet little Indigo had her dance recital with In Motion a couple of weeks ago. She danced in two shows on a Sunday night and Saturday night, and did a jazz piece and a ballet piece both times. I had a wedding on the Saturday so we came to see her on the Sunday, and then after she danced, she stayed up late watching all the big girls in the second half of the show, which left her so excited about how far she knows she can go one day. She was exhausted at school the next day, but was so overjoyed after the show and so proud of her performance.

The week of the show, she reminded me that we needed to do our annual photo session on my bed with her in her costume. She bounced around and was silly as can be so of course no indication of the kind of dancer she has become, but fun all the same. The tutu was for the ballet piece, and the feather skirt was for the jazz dance.



It was quite funny with the feathers for after her dance, the whole stage was covered in feathers - can't bear to think about where they come from though...


Indigo my little love - I adore that you love the performing side so much - it is so good for you, especially since you are often so shy. But all that shyness falls away when you step on stage and you sparkle and shine like the sweet star you are. Well done my lovely on another incredible show! xxx

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kay-Annie the Incredible

This utterly beautiful woman and mother of twin 18 year olds is Kay-Annie. I have known her for years as she is one of the best wedding planners on the island and has always made working with her a pleasure. She is a classic A type personality and so on the ball with everything. On top of being the ultra professional, she has always been tall, gorgeous and super fit, so when I received an email from her saying she had been through a total body transformation and wanted some photos taken to document her hard work, I couldn't imagine where she could go from her already stunning self. It turned out, she had set herself a goal that was nine years in the making of competing in The Bodybuilding & Fitness Extravaganza hosted by the Bermuda Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation. Kay Annie admits she is one of those people who is always up for something fitness related, be it a 10k, a half marathon, P90X, insanity TRX or some other fitness lunacy. This goal of body building had always been derailed over the years but in January, she put it back on her bucket list and hit the gym, hatching a plan to find a trainer and enter the May event.

Kay Annie had first started training for a similar event in 2004, but ended up missing the show to attend a friend's wedding. This time, due to long distance running not working out due to injury, she remained committed to the cause, through bereavement with the loss of her grand mother, and other life changing events and challenges. She feels it became the last positive thing she had to hold on to at that time. She says how funny it is that certain people enter your life when yo need them for different reasons, and she couldn't have picked a better person to be a part of her team than bombshell trainer, Betty Doyling, who herself was already built like brick house, kept Kay-Annie encouraged, remained flexible and committed and they are both thrilled with the results.

Not only did Kay-Annie make it to the competition this time and accomplished her goal, but she ended up winning first place in her category. All that had transpired leading up to that moment might have prevented her from competing, but she persevered and upon hearing that she had won the challenge, the emotions overwhelmed her and the tears came. Not for joy of winning so much, but more from being awestruck that she di. Nothing made sense after she was presented with her award and everyone who came out to support her were eagerly waiting to celebrate, which she did in style. She was overjoyed with each and every person who had stopped by and been a part of her accomplishing her goal, and indeed helping her toward earning that first place. 

Originally, Kay-Annie had hoped to do the shoot in the Unfinished Church, but when she found out it was closed, we decided on one of the amazing buildings in Dockyard. I had hoped to gain permission to shoot in a warehouse space I had worked in before, but it seemed impossible to get access so we ended up just showing up in the Victualing Yard and a very kind man who runs the scooter rentals allowed up access to the old chapel that was then used by Continental Upholstery. I have to say, it broke my heart a little to see the state of the building now. The place had never been properly cleaned up as there just were not the funds, and there are holes in the roof damaging the floors all the way through to the scooter shop below. The place stunk to high heaven, so full of pigeons and their poop - it is such a tragedy and I don't know what the answer is as not sure where the kind of funds necessary to rescue the roof would come from. Perhaps I will do a post another day showing the damage, and also the beauty of the space and maybe we can all work together to save this beautiful and historic building. All that said, it was the perfect setting for our shoot - Kay-Annie struck such a contrast to the backdrop with her strength and health and beauty in comparison to the faded falling apart architecture.

Kay-Annie had her make up done by Natasha Rosdol the day of the show and I was thankful that she had it done again specially for the shoot as it makes such a great statement in photos.

After the shoot indoors, we went outside the Victualing Yard to get some of the dramatic architecture from another angle.

I loved how open to any ideas Kay-Annie was and how much fun she had on the shoot.

She borrowed a tutu from her trainer and she was a little skeptical about the idea but I think paired with the boots, and then the jacket on top, she looks stunning.

The above and below photos are the same with different manipulations - I just couldn't choose.

Same here - which is better - the black and white, or the colour version?

I think I love these three images most from the whole session - they do not show off her insane fitness so much, but she just glows with vitality and gorgeousness!

At the end of the shoot, and at the end of the day, we made our way down to glass beach.

It is amazing - I used to go to this beach as a child and it was utterly covered with sea glass - you could not even see the sand. It is such a shame so much has been taken - of course it is lovely that people come to the beach and taxi drivers bring tourists and local artists make things from the beautiful worn glass, but I wish there was a way to protect this treasure at the same time. The sound of the glass tinkling as the tiny waves lap the shore is just heavenly and the colours peppered along the coast so romantic.

Ok - I fibbed - perhaps these are my faves. She looks so strong here, and I don't just mean physically - I mean emotionally, spiritually - real "I am woman" images to me. So much so I cropped this shot in two different ways to show how different they can seem, just from cropping.

Kay-Annie usually has the most adorable shock of hair that is relatively short compared to this. She wore her hair like this for the show and it is so elegant and dramatic, but have to say, I do so adore her hair the way she usually has it too - wish we could have swapped it over easily (impossible I know) to show the two versions of her!

Kay-Annie - you are such an inspiration. Not only are you still incredibly feminine, but you proved that you can be a sexy and built at the same time. I can't wait to hear about what next hurdle you will overcome. All your training, although incredibly tough, has payed off and these images and that medal and award are proof of the goal you achieved. I know you will to some incredible things in the future, but for now, enjoy foods and fruits and your break from the gym! Your hard work is an inspiration to us all - that anything is possible, even through adversities, if you stick with it. Congratulations - much love to you, my beautiful friend. xxxx