Thursday, December 22, 2011


We have just returned from a whirlwind trip to snowy (and rainy) Vermont! We just did a wee tester holiday to see if the kids were even going to enjoy the snow and skiing. They loved both so we will go for longer next time and plan a little better, but sorry for the lack of posting - we are now home for the holidays and I have so much to do, but just had to share these snaps I took yesterday before we piled in the car to leave the mountains. I actually found these delicious hats here in Bermuda at that Nepalese shop in Dockyard. They kept the kids (and me much of the time) toasty warm when the temperatures dropped. We experienced several seasons in just five days - was pretty amazing, from rain and balmy temps to fat snow flakes and then below zero temps when freezing is at 32 turning everything to sheet ice! Brrr. But it was fun and we are definitely going back. Can't wait to get to the other holiday pics but so much to do before then so these will tide me over until then. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far. xxxx

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sarah, Daniel, Natalia & Alejandra

I was so thrilled when Sarah asked me to photograph her family. First of all, she is a dear friend, but secondly, Sarah had taken one of my photography workshops so she knew all about what it takes to make a session great. She totally entrusted me to come up with wardrobe and props and the result was fabulous. They live right on a golf course and spend hours out on the green enjoying all that space so it was the perfect location to capture the girls doing what they love most - racing around the course loving life and being children.

I started out draping Alejandra in chandelier crystals and Natlaia in loads of pearls I had picked up at an auction. But I think the chandelier beading was a little itchy and so Ale swapped them out for another necklace of mine that didn't overload her quite so heavily. Just adore the look of those pettiskirts and the dripping jewels - so glam in a childlike dress up way - so many memories it brings back for me and hopefully so many memories it is making for these girls.

Love the flower crown on Ale though she also became a bit unimpressed with that later but at least we captured a few with her wearing them as they are so dreamy.

The sisters are close friends and happily play together for hours. They are full of imagination in their games and it is darling to secretly listen to their games.

I found this chandelier at the same auction where I bought the pearls and these trees just on the edge of the golf course were windy and wacky and perfect for hanging the funky fixture. The chairs belong to the girls. One their Bermudian great grandfather made for Sarah when she was a little girl, and the other, Sarah and Daniel had made for Natalia when she was born.

I love this series - Ale moving in for the kiss and Natalia trying not to react - so adorable.

Natalia is 4 1/2 and although she used to be so super hyper and full on that she ran circles around her mother, she has now settled down into the sweetest and most loving big sister. She is thoughtful and kind and constantly talks about how she wants to make sure she is being beautiful on the inside (clearly she has no worries with what is going on on the outside!). She is a real treasure for her parents. She is still full of energy though and loves the outdoors so burns it all off with constant bike riding and running around the expansive golf course.

I have to admit, before I had children of my own, I was not one of those people who went all gooey every time they saw a baby or child. In fact, at parties, I tended to veer as far away from where the littles were playing and never understood what those people were feeling when they started sighing and gushing about adorableness. Now that I have my own children, I obviously worship the ground the walk on, but I also really feel fond of most children as well in a way I didn't before. But there are one or two children, for no reason at all, who do actually in fact make me feel gooey inside. I have no idea why this connection happens and it really is only a handful of kids, but Natalia is definitely one of them.I used to feel bad that it wasn't with every child, but then I remembered my own childhood and I distinctly remember certain adults loving me noticeably a little more. And it made me feel special. It wasn't many people, and others took a liking more to my sister (ok most of them did - she was just the most beautiful ever!), but the handful who cared more for me meant more to me and I felt that connection. So perhaps that is what I have for Natalia and I doubt she even notices me or feels it, but I believe in the future, we will have a special something and I am thankful for that.  I would love to psychoanalyse why it is. Is it those darling dimples that make me want to swoon, or is it something less superficial and more meaningful like her cheeky little mischievous personality that reminds me of something in myself? Whatever it is, for some reason, I just love love love this child.

Alejandra, or Ale as she is nicknamed, just turned two a couple of weeks ago. She is fiercely independent with a strong character that both tests and amazes her family. She is adorably cuddly and affectionate and like her sister, is high energy and never seems to get tired, even long after Sarah and Daniel are ready to flake out. She is so funny right now for she is just on the cusp of speaking and is outraged that she is not quite fully understood and chatters on none the less. She absolutely adores her big sister and would like nothing more than to sleep cuddled up with Natalia in her big sister's bed. She longs to be older so she can better keep up but I think she does a pretty amazing job anyway, despite her size and age.

I also found these darling little bottles at an auction - they are like mini decanters so I filled them with glitter and the girls had such fun.

Aren't these so pretty - I want to do millions of glitter shots now - just glorious!

Poor Ale had a slightly harder time. She didn't understand that she was not meant to put her lips onto her hand before blowing so by the time any air left her lips, all the glitter was so gooed up with dribble that no sparkles flew anywhere. She was a little frustrated and I can't imagine it tasted that great either. She was a good sport about it and found other ways to entertain herself with all that glitter!

In preparation for the shoot, the girls had gone flower picking with Sarah earlier that day. We almost forgot about them and when we did remember, they were all wilted and squashed. So we used them at the last minute as confetti and it was so pretty.

I also brought along my parasols which the girls simply adored. The image of them in that late afternoon sun with their pretty parasols is just so dreamy.

Thank you all for such a divine shoot - just loved the setting and the light and most of all, you guys - you are the best and I was so honoured to be able to capture your beautiful family - love you guys oodles! xxxx