Friday, November 13, 2009

Pratt Family

Derek and Heather fell in love with Bermuda when they came on a business trip of Derek's. The couple were so smitten with the Island that they decided to have their destination wedding here. Then five years ago, The Pratts had the opportunity to move here, and they jumped at the chance. They moved with Aidan who was 16 months at the time. Caleb was born here and both boys know Bermuda as their only home.

The family had originally wanted to have their session at Cooper's Island as that is somewhere they love to spend time, but a series of setbacks and weather hiccups landed us doing the shoot at Warwick Long Bay instead. Although it is not their usual stomping ground, the light was glorious and the boys were able to explore some new territory which was fun. It may not be their fave place on earth, but hopefully they were able to make some special memories nonetheless.

Caleb very much admires his older brother and most times, he'd rather be six than two going on three. Aidan is an amazing older brother, always teaching Caleb new things.

Aidan is adventurous, funny and loving.

Caleb is the fearless follower of his big brother and always in full-speed-ahead mode.

Both are cuddle muffins, especially with their parents and they especially love to snuggle with a good book.

The boys couldn't wait to get in the water. I usually try to save swimming until the end of the shoot so at least everyone looks dry for the close up portraits, but they were just too excited to wait.

So what that Derek's shirt is soaking - it is a sign of fun Island life!

Love that the boys look the same height in this pic below.

The boys love the beach and the sand, and their absolute favourite pastime is playing with trucks. When Derek brought out these yellow babies, the boys nearly exploded with excitement and ran down the hillside to the beach below where they could have room to race.

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