Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help Portrait

So I stumbled upon this amazing site, Help and I think it is a lovely idea. A small gesture I realise, but hopefully a big impact on one person or one family, and for each of us that participates, the impact on the number of lives out there is greater.

The idea is that you shoot some great images of people who would otherwise
not be in a position to have a photography session. Whether you are a professional photographer, or just take great shots for fun, or if you have the gear or the talent, then this is something you can do. For more info, watch this clip or this promo.

Of course, when I first read about this, my mind started reeling with all those in need who would be great candidates to have their portraits taken. From severely premature babies, to handicapped children, to the terminally ill, I didn't know where to begin.
But then I thought of who I have met in my life who would perhaps appreciate such a gesture. Last year, I did some charity work for the Salvation Army's annual report. During those shoots, I met some special individuals and their stories of their lives and what they had been through moved me.

So I tried to think if I knew anyone similar now and then it came to me.
A few weeks back, I met a wonderful man whose story and whose life made a big impression on me. We started off simply, bonding over the tough task of raising our kids as well as we knew how. From that conversation, his story unraveled and he unbegrudgingly spoke of the difficulties he faces from day to day. As he spoke, he almost acted like he didn't realise, or perhaps he humbly and nobly accepted, these hardships. I was just in my car with the engine running and had to turn it off to finish our chat.

He inspired me that he was a single parent of two, had a disability that he never even mentioned, was a hard worker, and was doing his best for his family. He loves his kids and this was so apparent. I have not spoken to him about this yet, but
I would love to capture him together with his girls. I hope to shoot him on 12th December if he can do it, since that is the day the site is aiming for all the sessions to be shot, but if that doesn't work for him, then at a date and time convenient to him.

So the point of this post is that perhaps if any of you readers love taking pictures, or if you know of other photographers, perhaps you can help spread the word. I would love to see the results!
I promise to share his family's image and hopefully more of their story if he allows it.

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