Monday, November 23, 2009

Bolin Family

The first time I photographed the Bolins was when Zane and Kim were expecting Kaden. Soon to be Big-sister, Zayla, who was only 3 at the time, was so cute with her mummy's tummy offering flowers, and her daddy lots of kisses. I then shot the family a few weeks later with Baby Zane only weeks old. They came dressed in fabulous fall colours and really proved to me that clients can go all out on the outfit front rather than always wearing what one "thinks they should be wearing". This time, they were dressed more casually, but Zayla had cute shoes, a fun hair band and a sweet girlish top, which her mummy totally copied!

Kayden is now 2 and is full of all that is wonderful and terrifying at that age. Full of wonder and happiness one moment, and then drama the next, not to mention all the heavenly emotions in between - such fun to capture it all.

We decided to go to Fort Hamilton, where the family loves going anyway so this was like a typical slice of their lives - adore that too - to try to capture clients doing and going where they love!

Kayden was not quite as into the location as Zayla was and took a little persuading now and then, and occasionally, even Zayla's convincing tone was lost on him.

Love love this one of the family walking away...

And because I try to take a formal one for the grandparents!

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