Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beyond the borders

Of internet connection that is.

We are on holiday in France visiting Ben's parents and it really brings new meaning to boonies. We have to drive 40 minutes to the closest village which has a super market with simple things like cheese and wine, and about 2 hours for a proper city that actually sells clothing or anything else. And I have abandonned my dream of finding a cute little French bikini for INdigo - I think Paris will be the closest option! But is is dreamy for the kids running around iwth their cousins blackberry picking, wading in the river and building forts of fallen leaves. They are in heaven also not having to save water and filling the bath to the brim. So I am so sorry for the lack of blog posts. I would even love to attach a photo, but firstly, I didn't bring any of my SLR cameras on holiday with me for the first time ever, in an effort to make real memories rather than being so obsessed with capturing them that I forget to really live them. And the internet connection at this computer is so agonisingly slow that it would be impossible to load a photo anyway. I had even loaded some blog images on a drive and brought them with me in the hopes of posting while I was here,but now I realise that was a pipe dream! So forgive my lack of blog posts and I will be back to reality and Bermuda in early September!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mahoney Maternity Session

Renee and Peter are awaiting baby Aiden's arrival any day now. I love it when parents know the name - it makes it all the more real somehow. We didn't name Olso until he was 6 weeks old, and Indigo was 2 weeks. But after going through 6000 names in a book, the Mahoney's found the perfect fit for their growing little love bug and what fun to have his name painted in the sand while still in his mama bear's belly. Aiden means "fiery spirit", and with these two as parents, he is sure to be full of light and life!

Renee is one of those lucky few who has found pregnancy a breeze, even in the heat of August in Bermuda. She is just a beautiful expecting mother, though I kept telling her she needed to push that belly out, for in some angles she didn't even look like she was pregnant.

The day clouded over half way into our shoot and by the time we made it to the water, the weather had completely changed and the seas were wild.

Peter and Renee were troopers while I insisted they stay on that isolated rock a little longer, as I secretly waited for the really big waves to crash in. Click on the triptych to see their expressions larger - they are priceless.

Oops - didn't see that one coming. But made for another fun series so worth it, though I was soaked as well!

Renee and Peter - good luck with the birth and enjoy your new family. Thanks for allowing me to capture some such fun moments.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Last Monday was the last time I had access to the internet, or a land line, and so my only contact to the outside world was through my cell phone. That was until the next morning when our movers arrived at 8am and my sweet little green Nokia felt too much pressure so packed it in. The land line was finally hooked up in the new house on Friday night, and our internet has just been connected now (hence the instant blog update!), and now, only my poor little cell is left to recuperate from the shock of moving so I am getting a loaner to tide me over. This whole experience has made me realise just how unbelievably dependent on modern day communication devices I am and even though it was great to be out of contact as I was able to just get on with packing and then unpacking, the dread of the emails and messages waiting for me when I finally reconnected was overwhelming. That said, I have not even dared to look at my email inbox - it is looming on the window hidden by this one, but just thought I would throw in a blog update in the hopes that some of my clients realise the chaos I am living and have pity upon me. To give you an idea, here are some of the rooms in our house right now.

But we are in the new house, sleeping here and even brought the cats over who are both traumatised and hiding under the bed. Although I was so desperately sad to leave the old place and it seemed impossible that we would ever find anywhere as dreamy, I think we have actually done it. Plus we have more space which is the best part! I can't wait to get everything settled but in the meantime, here are some sneak peeks of what is set up (sort of). Actually, the only room set up so far is my office / home studio. I am so excited by the space and figured since I spend more time in my office that anywhere else, I deserved the biggest room in the house. I didn't shoot the other side which is where my desk is as it is clutter buggy as usual, but the bay windows are beautiful and Ben will spend many a night reading in that nook while I work away. And there is a fireplace and of course one of my divine antique sofas.

The view from our bedroom...

The view from the terrace...

And the clincher - the steps to the water...

And the view down the shoreline...


So please be patient and know that I have some ultra fabulous shooots waiting in the wings to be processed. I am too excited by some of my recents photo sessions and although I seem to have done nothing but either move or shoot, the processing will happen eventually. But for now, thanks for your patience and back to the boxes!