Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wilson Family

The Wilsons can be officially classified as very good clients, despite Ryan's reluctance every time a shoot rolls his way. But clearly Jenn is very persuasive, or maybe Ryan just appreciates the time capsules on his walls after the fact. Either way, I have been fortunate enough to witness some key moments in their family's lives (wish I could link previous shoots, but they were all pre blogging days). From Jenn and Ryan's wedding at Ariel Sands, to their first pregnancy with a fun beach shoot, to new born photos of tiny Josh a few weeks later, to Josh's first birthday shoot last year at the beach once more. So this year, Ryan was probably extremely grateful for the double whammy shoot which both celebrated Josh's second birthday, and also their second pregnancy, with baby number two due this Saturday!

Josh utterly astounded me when he did not want to eat his deliciously blue frosted cupcake. I have never seen a child hold back, but his parents informed me that he is the neatest and tidiest child in history and as a result never eats anything that will make him too messy. Jenn doesn't know where he gets it from for she admits they are far from like that, but Josh is his own person and he looked at the cupcake, but would not even consider touching it. He only took sweet neat nibbles after his mother had broken off just the dry cake bit and handed him tiny bites. All I could think, as I pictured the smeared walls and floors at my own home, was that I wished my two children had a shred of that not-wanting-to-make-a-mess DNA. Clever Jenn and Ryan for their highly evolved off spring - let's see if they can duplicate that gene in the next baby, or they may be in for a shock on the cleaning up front!

Jenn and Ryan had not been to Fort Scaur before but have now decided it will be one of their favourite spots to take the kids. It will be fun to see how much growing Josh does compared to this baby Bermuda cedar.

Unlike the sticky icing of his birthday cupcakes, these bolts were what really interested Josh - all boy.

Having been quite thoughtful and serious throughout the shoot, sweet Josh finally broke out the smiles at the end of the afternoon.

And cars... cars are fun too. You can't honk a cupcake can you???

Happy birthday Josh and can't wait to hear all about your new baby brother or sister!

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  1. seriously sacha? are you kidding me with these pictures and all the pictures on this page? Perfection. Freaking amazing. I am totally in love with you. xxkerry


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