Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The Duchesne family used to live in Bermuda and came back this summer for a holiday and to catch up with old friends and enjoy the beautiful beaches. While here, we squeezed in a shoot since Marie-Claude and Patrick had meant to do one before they left the Island and never found the time. We were blessed with a spectacular afternoon of sun and soft breezes and everyone was in great spirits and had a lot of fun.

I had met Marie Claude when we were both pregnant with our first babies in maternity yoga. We were pregnant again together the second time so it was fun to see the boys so changed and a weensy bit sad to see how fast they grow. But since they have grown into such darling little boys, the tinge of time passing too quickly fast faded when thinking of the amazing futures ahead for the children.

Charles-Antoine is the most loving and caring older brother, not to mention, charming, hardworking, and smart with good looks too - recipe for a heart breaker later in life.

Three year old William is the baby of the family and quite the little personality - he is curious, clever, and of course, so incredibly cute.

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