Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Axel

This beautiful blue eyed boy is Axel. He is who you may have seen hiding in his mama's belly a couple of months ago during his parents maternity session. Axel made his appearance into the outside world on July 25th and was 2 weeks old on our shoot.

Since I had shot part of the pregnancy session in the Botanical Gardens, we thought it would be fun to go back now that Axel was kicking about in the outside the womb. Since the Poinciana trees were no longer blooming, we picked the corner of the gardens where those mad dinosaur trees (not sure of their official genus name, but you know the ones - they have thorns on their huge buttress roots!) grow. I hung my dreamy mosquito net there for the couple to enjoy some moments in nature with their new baby. I love how the shape of the billowing gauze echoes the shape of the incredible roots.

Isn't Axel just the coolest name? Stephanie and Johan chose it because it is a Scandinavian name (Johan is Swedish) and is also in Johan's family. The new parents love the name and it works well since it is easy to pronounce and spell in both English and Swedish - key things to think about when naming a child!

I love the patterns in his hair - he will be a lucky boy if he gets his mama's curls!

I love this last photo - there were so many truly tender intimate ones in this series of the three of them lying together. Most were a bit too personal to post, but will be wonderful memories of this special time for the family over the years.

The pair are madly in love with Axel, like all parents are, of course. They tell me what a delightful baby he is and the indescribable amounts of joy he brings to them. The young family moved back to Sweden when Axel was only 8 weeks old and Stephanie is pleased to report that their first born is very happy and content, and has been a fantastic travel companion!

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