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Bermuda Wedding - Elbow Beach, Bermuda: Tracy & Matthew

When Matt and Tracy became engaged, they knew that they wanted a small destination wedding. It was important to them that their family and friends have a holiday to remember, and also took some time out to enjoy life. They felt that their getting married would just be a bonus of the trip. The pair felt it was their way of saying thank you for all the love and support they have received over the years. Since Tracy's family are from Maine, and Matt's live in North Carolina, Bermuda wasn't too far to travel and of course the fact that it is the most beautiful place on earth didn't hurt either. The couple (plus Tracy's mum!) chose Elbow Beach from the photographs the wedding planner sent because it over looked the beach rather than actually being on the sand, which was better for Tracy's granny, for whom this trip was pretty special as she had never before left the States.

Tracy wanted a memorable entrance and thought it would be a special time for her father and her so she chose to arrive by horse and buggy, especially since they are not common where they live so she was excited to try something new.

Tracy and Matthew came to Bermuda for a dream wedding on a tropical island with turquoise waters under swaying palm trees and burning sunshine. But in the moments after Tracy stepped out of her traditional horse and carriage and started her journey down the open air aisle towards her husband to be, the rain drops started to fall.

Nicola from Bermuda Bride swept in with an umbrella in the hopes that the rain fall would remain light enough for the couple to see the service through outside. But the dark cloud moved in fast and furious and, within moments, the entire wedding party and guests had to race under the reception tent to wait out the squall.

Although the rain was torrential, luckily it was also fast moving and minutes later, the sun spilled onto the wet terrace once more, and the most vibrant rainbow painted an arc across the eastern sky.

Flowers were designed by Petals.

When Tracy and her mother stopped at a dress shop near her home and when Tracy saw her dress on the rack, she knew it was the one. Her mum still laughs at her about it, for she picked the dress up and carried it around as though it were the only one in the world, and when she put it on, her mother knew it was the one too. The original dress had some fancy details to it, but Tracy likes to keep things simple so she had them all removed to make the dress more classic.

Tracy did her own make up as she wanted to be sure she looked like herself on the day - just a little bit more glamourous. She had her hair done at the Newstead Belmont Hills.

Tracy's hairpin seemed to fit the dress and since Tracy knew she did not want a veil, it was the perfect replacement to add elegance and bride-iness.

Tracy gave Matt some helpful hints about the type of engagement ring she hoped for, and he chose perfectly. They couple later went to choose wedding bands together.

Tracy had found a photo of a cake that she loved on the She gave the image to the Lido and they created her dream cake to a tee. The brown ribbon was Tracy's own personal touch with both brought in her wedding colours, and complemented the flowers beautifully.

Stephen Crawford played Wonderful World on the classical guitar for the couple's first dance.

Tracy's best friend, Katie, insisted on a dance. The two often joke that they are like an old married couple since they spend so much time together. Katie said that she would be the man on the dancefloor and Tracy was even lucky enough to be dipped.

Who would have imagined with the rain earlier that the two would have been blessed with such a spectacular sunset?

Matt's groomsman, Tyson, gave a sweet speech at the start of the meal, which was greatly appreciated by the newly weds.

This group really knew how to have a good time and breaking out the Cubans, which are legal in Bermuda, was all part of the celebration.

Even though more rain squalls returned later that night, the friends and family were all having such an amazing time dancing that they barely noticed the torrents outside. The rain didn't bother the couple at all, for it was just a reminder that as long as they have each other, their family and friends, then the pair can handle anything, especially a little rain on their wedding day.

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