Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunsets and Childhood

Our last house was also on the water but faced east so we saw the most amazing sunrises. It was always such an uplifting way to start the day, with every morning the light, clouds and colours being so different that it reminded me a new day with new experiences were all about to unfold once more. I am a morning person and a moon child (moon also rises in the east) so I loved it. I was not sure how I would feel about giving up all of that, but I have to say, since we have moved into this new west facing house, it has been a life changing experience. Instead of knowing I don't really have the time to sit and enjoy the sunrise since there was so much to do to get the kids organised, now the light show is at the end of the day, when we are quietly unwinding. There is no reason to rush off anymore - we simply enjoy the changing, fading light, and the spectacular transition from day into night. And now, in the early mornings, when only the children and I are awake, we are often blessed with a silent and seemingly secret moon slipping into the sea, punctuating the end of the night with an orange orb bidding us good morn.

The week we first moved into the new house, one of my dearest friends from my childhood visited the Island with her family from Greece. The feeling that history was repeating itself glowed inside me as the adults sat peacefully sipping fine wine and engrossed in good company, while the four children were immersed in their own worlds of make believe. And to top it off, this spectacular sunset blessed us all on their first night in Bermuda.

The kids found the bubble makers and made some magic that I couldn't help but capture in photographs. These are the times that you never want to forget.

These two beautiful children are Alexandra and Rizo's kids. Constantine was the perfect hero for Oslo to worship and Emma like a princess whom Indigo adored. The four of them all played so beautifully together that I wanted the night to never end (nor did my kids - their usual 7pm bedtime was knocked back to past 10:30 - heaven!).

Indigo is such a little garden fairy that I thought she would fly away with one of the bubbles - so lovely - be still my heart...

Oslo was torn up by the idea that being a Power Ranger might make being a bubble catcher a bit incongruous... I love the little well of tears left in his eyes from thinking there were no bubbles left for him when he finally decided that Power Rangers do in fact chase bubbles too.


  1. Lovely!! Feels like yesterday.... miss you all tons!
    xxxx Alexandra

  2. Love this Sacha. So beautifully captured and eloquently said. xx

  3. magical and perfect. thank you so much for sharing this!


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