Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Claire & Ernie

Claire and Ernie were in Bermuda for the 11th time, having come every year since their wedding, and this year, was a big celebration for their 10th anniversary. Their wedding was in 1999, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Claire's husband of only a few hours announced to the entire reception that he was whisking his bride away on a surprise honeymoon to Bermuda. At the time, Claire knew little about the Island, and certainly she had no idea how dear the place would be to her heart one day. From the moment she stepped off the place, she felt she had come home. They had the time of their lives on their honeymoon, and even extended their trip another five nights.

Ten years later, they are here again and Claire confides that as their love for each other has deepened over the years, so has their love for Bermuda. They have stayed in 11 different locations and this year, they chose The Reefs which did not disappoint.

Over the years, the pair have scootered every inch of the Island (and still discover new places), enjoyed fabulous foods at many charming restaurants, and met so many kind and interesting locals. They adore the symphony of the tree frogs, the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, the smell of the Bermuda cedars, the buzzing of the scooters, the sound of the ocean... their list goes on and on.

This holiday, they recorded the sound of the sea and the whistling tree frogs at night time so they could have it to listen to at home. Now, they can fall asleep listening to those heavenly sounds of Bermuda, even on a cold winter's night.

Ernie's job requires him to travel extensively so the couple are grateful for their romantic Bermuda getaways which help the two reconnect and find each other again.

On their actual anniversary, Claire and Ernie rose early to watch the sunrise from Horseshoe Bay. They went to an auction preview at an historic Bermuda home before scootering out to St David's Lighthouse. They had their fabulous shoot with me before enjoying a romantic dinner on the beach at The Reefs and danced to their song, "September" up in the hotel's clubhouse.

Soon after their first trip to Bermuda, Claire found an old postcard on EBay with a poem taht sums up her feelings about the Island - she does not know who wrote it, but wanted to share the sentiments:

Out and alone in the midst of the sea,
Isle of all isles, the isle for me.
Cedar and coral they garlands provide,
Sitting the steeds of old Neptune astride.
Stern is thy frown, but sweet thy smile,
Isle of all isles, my own loved isle.

Fill me the glass with the "Bermuda Dew"
Here will I pledge my love to you.
Vainly the sea god wasteth his wrath,
Down through the ages sweet be thy path.
Cedar and coral mile upon mile,
Isle upon isles, my own loved isle.

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