Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eddie, Hazel, Ethan & Noah

Hazel and Eddie have lived in Bermuda for 3 years now, having moved to the Island from Boston. The day of the shoot was on their youngest son, Noah's first birthday so the family wanted to capture this special time.

Ethan is a pretty serious boy so Eddie and Hazel weren't sure how he would react to the camera. He is bright and not easily coerced, so his parents were thrilled that the smiles I was able to get out of him were genuine - clearly I am a sharp wit, or just hilariously funny to look at - either way, we got the fun photos we wanted so we are all happy!

Noah, it's all about experiencing things for the first time so anything I did was sure to put a smile on his face, even when I wasn't trying. I loved how the kids had their initials on their shirts in artsy fabric. Noah's was particularly appropriate with a water pattern given Noah's arc!

One of Ethan's favourite things to do is to sit on his dad's shoulders, or as Ethan calls it - "sitting on his head" so this was a sure way to squeeze the smiles out of Mr Serious. And fun too that he could reach the bay grapes, though they are still not ripe yet.

To celebrate Noah's birthday, his mum brought a cake for the family to enjoy. I adore it when clients bring a fun type of food for the end of the shoot. It has the double benefit of being a special treat for the kids for doing so well during the session, as well as making a great final series of images which are fun, albeit a little messy. But I am all about capturing real memories and mess is definitely a part of childhood.

How much do I love pudgy baby hands - yum yum.

Hazel had said for Noah it was all about the new experiences and I think eating sandy cake on the beach and smearing himself in icing was definitely a first, and probably the last time for this birthday boy.

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  1. What fantastic, fantastic pictures! I can hear the boys giggling!


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